Warner Bros. Discovery hasn’t given any green light on ‘The Batman’ sequel as their WTF strategy for the future of DC Films continues

“As it stands, only one new DC feature project currently has a post-merger green light: ‘Joker: Madness For Two’, which is slated to hit theaters in 2024. The sequel to the hugely successful ‘Joker from 2019, which grossed $1.07 billion worldwide, has a much higher price tag than the first. Those salaries, combined with the cost of producing complicated musical sequences (although an insider points out that “Joker 2” sounds more like “A Star Is Born” than “In the Heights”), mean that the sequel will cost around $150 million to produce.

“It’s still cheaper than most superhero movies, which often cost over $200 million – like ‘The Batman,’ for example, which grossed $770 million worldwide in a pandemic environment. Writer-director Matt Reeves is on track for a sequel starring Robert Pattinson, but the project remains in development and doesn’t yet have a green light – any future films are years away.”

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Green light, green light, green light, green light… however you want to spell it or say it, here’s yet another, shall we say, baffling decision here in the Warner Bros. era. Discovery on their treatment of invaluable DC superhero characters.

Obviously, a lot of this insider information had to come from sources within Warner Bros., so the fact that they could just let it out that another Battinson movie even has a chance of not moving forward must mean that there is some validity. Even after a follow-up was announced at CinemaCon.

I want the best for DC Films, which I think, and many other sane fans would believe, is letting Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson continue to cook and grow their Batverse. If other DC superheroes cross paths at some point, so be it, but let it be organic. The reason the DC Extended Universe isn’t working at all right now is because every decision Warner Bros. was reactionary, whether as an initial critical reaction or a desire to replicate Marvel’s unprecedented success.

It’s good to hear that the next Joker movie is still on track. Bizarre that a critical and commercial success unleashed like The Batman is not welcomed with such enthusiasm by the new regime. There are so many different directions Reeves and Pattinson can go with a sequel. They deserve at least a chance a follow-up movie. Pattinson crushed him as the world’s best detective caped crusader we’ve ever had by far. Jeffrey Wright’s Jim Gordon, Zoe Kravitz’s Selina Kyle/Catwoman, and Paul Dano’s Riddler were all standouts. It’s a killer cast still in place, with an auteur filmmaker in Reeves providing a strong, grounded noir take on Warner Bros. most important fictional character.

The controversy surrounding Ezra Miller and the flash throws a huge spanner in any kind of Kevin Feige shot that DC Films cooks up. We have no idea how that will play out or what will happen to that $200 million tentpole that is slated to release in June.

What we know is The Batman is a great movie, and that the brief appearance of Colin Farrell’s Penguin created enough buzz for its own HBO Max spin-off show.

It’s still very early in this massive transition amidst a complex corporate merger with countless moving and varying parts. It’s time to correct the trajectory or just say “YES” to The Batman 2 or whatever the title. Watching Pattinson do so well as Batman and carry a three-hour movie whose production was slammed with COVID-related delays, with so much room to still grow as a Bruce Wayne character, makes me feel like it would be such a waste to have him be a one-time bat like Val Kilmer and George Clooney were back in the 90s. Damn that. Battinson is the man.

Let Matt Reeves COOK!

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