Tucker Carlson leaves for ‘long-planned’ vacation with highest-rated hour on TV

Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson told viewers Monday night that he would be away for a few days, leaving for a “long-planned” vacation that began shortly after Carlson announced the resignation of one of the show’s writers, Blake Neff, who was accused of writing racist and sexist messages on a message board.

“What Blake wrote anonymously was untrue,” Carlson said. “We do not agree with these remarks. They have no connection with the show.

Carlson’s show, Tucker Carlson tonight, has been a frequent target of critics, who have called Carlson’s comments on topics like the Black Lives Matter movement racist. But the show remains one of the highest-rated shows not just on cable news, but on all television, as it was Monday night.

According to viewership data compiled by Nielsen, 4 million viewers watched Monday night’s show, an audience large enough to surpass prime-time entertainment on broadcast networks – and a draw large enough to push Fox News Channel at number one, with an average audience as a bonus. 3.7 million viewers (ahead of ABC, with 3.496 million viewers; NBC, with 3.138 million viewers; and CBS

with 3.060 million viewers).

On Monday night, FNC’s Sean Hannity finished just behind Carlson with a total viewership of nearly 4 million viewers. Among viewers aged 25 to 54, the demographic coveted by national advertisers, Carlson was number one with 691,000 viewers, followed by Hannity with 673,000 viewers.

Fox has managed in recent weeks to take advantage of an increasingly politically-focused atmosphere ahead of the November election — and an absence of generally highly rated sports programming — to soar to the top of the ratings. listening to the network. And the controversy surrounding Carlson has done nothing to dampen his appeal to a fiercely loyal group of viewers.

Fox News has been the top-rated cable network in prime time for 25 consecutive weeks, with all three cable news networks finishing in the top three positions overall last week, followed by the TLC network and Home and Garden TV.

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