Traveling to Chennai from overseas? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions for you

All you need to know about testing and quarantine of foreign passengers landing in Chennai.

With several relaxations regarding travel within the country and also regarding the coming into force of international travel, there is a lot of uncertainty regarding testing and quarantine standards for those arriving at the airport. of Chennai from abroad.

The Tamil Nadu government recently removed restrictions on inter-district travel and also opened public transport across the state. Similarly, the Indian government has also opened the skies to international arrivals on a phased basis, thereby facilitating the movement of people in the country.

If you are planning a trip to Chennai from abroad, here are some frequently asked questions you might want answered.

Is the e-pass compulsory?

Yes. It is mandatory to have an e-pass to come to Chennai from outside India. You can register for an entry e-pass here.

Is a negative COVID-19 test report mandatory to board the flight to Chennai?

Yes. A negative RT-PCR test result taken within 96 hours prior to landing in Chennai is mandatory.

What if I can’t get tested in my home country due to cost issues or local rules? Can I still get to Chennai?

Yes. For those who do not have the test results with them, the government has made arrangements to have them tested at the airport itself. They will be asked to stay in home quarantine after taking swab samples.

It is however recommended to come with a test report from the country of origin.

Is there institutional quarantine for international passengers arriving in Chennai?

No. The state government ended mandatory institutional quarantine standards for people arriving from overseas from September 1.

All passengers are advised to be in home quarantine for 14 days after arrival in Chennai.

I don’t have enough space at my home in Chennai to undergo home quarantine. Can I opt for hotel quarantine for 14 days?


Do I have to book the hotel by myself or can I book only at Chennai airport?

You can book the hotels by yourself and give the hotel address in the e-pass application portal when you register.

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