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How can online lenders make your life easier?

Sometimes there are situations when it is not possible to repay the loan on time. Late payment or failure to pay a debt on time hurts your credit history. Banks do not give loans to people with negative credit histories, and if they do, they charge high interest rates. By …

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Kenya seeks to govern digital lending rates

[ad_1] The central bank of Kenya is proposing new legislation to govern the interest rates charged on loans from digital lenders. Online lenders will need the green light from the central bank to roll out new offers or raise lending rates if the legislation is enacted, Quartz Africa reported. Online …

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Ranking: Best Payday Loan Deals in Nigeria in Q1 2020

Back in January this year, long before the COVID-19 pandemic had usl rethink our plans, Tony (pseudonym) was contemplate Who bank payday loan to take advantage of. At the time he had a small business idea it was put together, and the savings in his bank accounts had to be …

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