Staud Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear Collection

The Staud girl is growing up. And Sarah Staudinger herself too. Number one customer of her brand (the proof on her Instagram), she has always designed clothes for herself and other women like her. “I think clothes always react to my life, whether it’s COVID or a personal matter like getting married. I create clothes for real moments,” Staudinger said during a preview of her spring collection. “There is a tree motif in our lookbook and images this season,” she added. “It’s emblematic of our daughter growing and exploring herself in this self-discovery.”

His collection reflects this new journey. While Staud’s previous outings have focused on travel and vacation wear, this season she’s focused on making some great basics, including poplin button-downs, fitted blazers, floaty culottes and office-appropriate dresses. But Staudinger isn’t quite ready to let go of her affinity for crop tops and matching ensembles. Bare-bellied tops, low-rise cargos and fun knit ensembles were all present.

While her marriage might have been the catalyst for the focus on evening dresses for this collection, Staudinger also just wanted to create well-made, high-priced, Staud-priced dresses for her clients. “People attend a lot of events and weddings, and no one wants to spend their entire salary on dresses. We wanted to provide variety to the customer, and our price is at the heart of our DNA,” Staudinger said. “We want the Staud woman feels expensive, without actually being expensive.” Some of the dresses showed skin for subtle moments of sexiness, via an open back or midriff cutout; others were more modest. Staud even experimented with a gorpy version of a party dress with technical nylon that looked like cellophane in beautiful earthy colors like amber. The halter portion of the dress was an elastic drawstring. These dresses seemed guaranteed to be Instagram photoable, but they’ll also look better in real life.At the new Staud store in SoHo, shoppers let out an audible gasp as the models came out.

And with all the Staud collections there were accessories that would soon go viral on an Insta-Model or Staudinger herself. She’s been focusing on mini bags this season, launching the Shirley, the Venice and others she says will still fit your phone, makeup, charger and even your vitamins. And her new shoes, which feature comfortable block heels and wedge soles, have all been tested by everyone in her office to make sure they can take you from work to a night out on the town. The Staud woman is growing, but she’s not losing her sense of style. She has just acquired shoes suitable for cobblestones.

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