Police reveal gruesome details in Sophia Mason murder case

An 8-year-old girl lay dead in a bathtub for more than a month before authorities found her body, we have learned.

Police have released ‘horrific details’ of the ‘brutal and senseless murder’ of Sophia Mason after crime suspect Dhante Jackson, 34, was arrested after six months on the run.

The “macabre discovery of Sophia Mason’s lifeless body” occurred March 11 at Jackson’s home in Merced, Calif., more than a month after she was initially reported missing, but relatives have told the cops that they had not been in contact with the girl since December.

Mason’s mother and Jackson’s girlfriend, Samantha Johnson, were already in police custody on child abuse charges from 2021 at the time of the discovery and were later charged with her murder, along with Jackson.

Jackson was arrested Saturday in Newark, Calif., after six months on the run, helped by several women to evade authorities, authorities said.

At a news conference on Sunday, police said three women helped Jackson stay out of sight of officials as he moved between Merced hideouts in the Bay Area and then Southern California, to return to the Bay Area.

These women have since been charged with accessory to murder after the fact for providing “money, shelter and transportation” to Jackson.

Police named the women Daberka Thompson, a San Jose resident, Laronna Larkins, a Merced resident, and Mayra Gonzalez, a Newark resident. Cops said Jackson was living with Gonzalez at the time of the arrest.

Merced Police Lt. Joe Perez described how Mason was “subject to long-term physical abuse” from his mother and Jackson. She was also a victim of sexual abuse. He revealed how the little girl had been “dead at the residence for over a month” and was forced to live in a shed in the backyard as well as a closet inside the house. CBS News revealed that she was found in the bathtub.

She was also malnourished, the coroner noted.

“In my 20 years in law enforcement, this case is the most disturbing and gruesome I have seen,” Lt. Joe Perez said, his voice cracking.

“Knowing what this poor little angel went through at the hands of pure evil breaks my heart. Most of us here are mothers and fathers and we cherish our children, we will never understand how this could happen to a beautiful child who just wanted to be loved.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with precious Sophia and her family as they continue to grieve, even though there is nothing we can do to bring Sophia back, I hope Jackson’s arrest brings us closer Sophia’s family from closure and finally will get justice. for Sophia.

State Attorney General Rob Bonta said Sunday that “those charged with his murder must pay a high price for their heinous crimes. May today remind us that when a horrific crime like this is committed, we will spare no effort to obtain justice.

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