Miami Dolphins Mailbag: Where are the solutions and major changes coming?


The Dolphins are clearly not happy with what’s going on these days, based on questions from this latest installment of the All Dolphins Mailbag.

Here we are:

From Fin Phan (@ FinPhan72):

Considering the low production of our first-round picks for 2020, are Chris Grier, Brian Flores or both in the hot seat if the Dolphins don’t advance to the playoffs?

In the NFL world anything is possible at any time, but I think it would take a massive collapse or something dramatically negative for Grier and Flores to be in danger after this year.

From Jeff Golden (@ Goldenjeff72):

Alain (not bête noire), 29 seemed to be behind on most of the big chunks on Sunday, Igbinoghene can’t be much worse can it?

Hey Jeff understand that coaches don’t make frivolous playing time decisions so if you don’t see Igbinoghene defending on Sunday it’s because there’s a lack of confidence that he can do the job. better than other options at this point. But you’re right about Brandon Jones, he didn’t have a good cover game against the Raiders, even though he was very effective with his blitz.

From Craig M (Dolfan2334):

What do you think happens WHEN (not IF) the Dolphins miss the playoffs. What changes do you see happening?

Hey Craig, what happened to the optimism? I’m not ready to give up on the idea of ​​making the playoffs, even after the 1-2 start. What changes are made will depend on how the rest of the season unfolds, but unless Tua shows clear signs of becoming a franchise quarterback, I certainly think the quarterback position would be approached in some way. of another.

From Dante (@GhostofMarino):

They paired an inexperienced QB with an inexperienced OLine and an inexperienced OC in Year 3 of a rebuild where Flores himself said: “This is the core” of the team. How much patience should we all have for this to freeze? As you can see, there is not much to do.

Hey Dante, in today’s NFL, the third year of a rebuild should produce significant progress and it would be disappointing to step back from last year’s surprising 10-6 – which was ahead of the rebuild curve, to be honest. How much patience belongs to every fan, but I don’t think you can blame anyone if they are looking for results now.

From Dan Fahringer (@cjfahringer):

Given that the poor running defense has once again reared its ugly head, do you know if Raekwon Davis will be back in the next few weeks? I guess no surgery announcement meant the knee injury didn’t end the season.

Hey Dan, I’m afraid I don’t have any information on Davis’ recovery, but I can tell you about the time the Dolphins told us that a player had surgery. This means Davis’s injury could be as minor as him being ready to return to action in Week 5 when he is eligible to exit the IR until the end of the season. Our first clue will arrive next week, which will be the first week Davis is eligible to exit IR.

From CodyPatron (@CodyPatron):

Hello sir. So what’s the story with Hunter Long? I hope he’s learning and having some play time at some point.

Hey Cody, yeah, the problem with Long is that he’s indeed a rookie and he’s playing for a team whose three best tight ends from a year ago were coming back, which puts him quite a distance straight away. in the depth table. He got 18 offensive snaps in Game 1, but that was because Adam Shaheen was out. The truth is, I wouldn’t be holding my breath if he gets a ton of playing time in his rookie season.

From Adnas (@ Anase815):

Deshaun Watson?

Is a quarterback for the Houston Texans. Or are you wondering about the likelihood of a trade for him? Listen, this is where the Dolphins are interested in him, but the asking price has clearly been too outrageous at this point or just doesn’t contain enough protection for Miami in case it should run out for a while. But, yes, the possibility of a trade-in for Watson still exists, whether Dolphins fans like it or not.

From Fin Fan EP (@ FinFanEP1):

When will Austin Jackson finally be replaced? Why isn’t Waddle used to expand the field?

There are two factors that suggest it will take a lot for the Dolphins to replace Jackson. First, the Dolphins clearly want it to work with him given he was a first-round pick in 2020, but two, there just isn’t a very obvious replacement on the roster that would justify the move. For those wondering how this is different from what’s going on with Noah Igbinoghene, the Dolphins have plenty of other better cornerbacks than him right now and Igbinoghene hasn’t been benched after being a starter, this which can mean a point of no return for some players. And, since Waddle doesn’t stretch the pitch, it’s hard to do when the quarterback is under constant pressure.

From Reza Hariri (@ Therealrezpect1):

Our offense looks very different from what we saw in pre-season, seems very predictable from the staff and the roster. After watching practice, is this the same offense as training camp?

Hey Reza, what’s going on right now is another case study on why I always caution everyone not to get caught up in this idea of ​​”the offense that looks great” in the camp. For one, the contact on the line of scrimmage doesn’t look like it is in the regular season and the QB is allowed to continue the game. The preseason can also be fool’s gold as opponents have tend to play vanilla defense, keeping their disguises and the like for the regular season.

From E-Rod (@ phinfan2003):

Is this team unable to get a consistent pass rush by sending 4 DLs? It looked like our D pass was hurt the most when we bombed.

Hey E-Rod, yes, generating consistent pressure with four pass rushers has been a problem for the defense, but the Dolphins have had success with the blitz at times. The only constant passing runner up front has been Emmanuel Ogbah, and that would obviously help if someone else (Jaelan Phillips maybe?)

By Chris Hyer, Ed.D. (@ Chrishyer31):

What part of the offensive problems (lines) related to having co-OCs?

Hey Chris, I think that would be too easy an answer and not fair or precise. The truth is probably a combination of staff, training, and scheme, but that probably wouldn’t change from that perspective if the Dolphins had three, four, five OCs.

From Cliffy Mac (@ mclifford36):

How the hell do they solve this?

Hey Cliffy, that’s a very broad question. The simplest answer is that this team is going to continue to have problems unless they get better performance from the offensive line which would allow the offense to run more efficiently and start doing a better job. in third defensive position.

From JJ Dobin (@JJDobin):

General thoughts on Brissett?

Hi JJ, I think Jacoby Brissett is a high-end NFL replacement, certainly capable of winning games in the short term, but definitely not a top quarterback. He has a real arm with uneven precision but is not very mobile, although he has some veteran sense and is a player.


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