Miami Dolphins calm the first hours of free agency

The moving first hours of NFL free agency, in which two dozen men got very rich and the New England Patriots spent big bucks, are over.

But for the Miami Dolphins, free agency hasn’t really started yet.

The Dolphins still expect to add maybe two, three, four unrestricted free agents before it’s all said and done. And here’s the good news:

As one of the teams playing cautiously amid a lower salary cap this offseason, the Dolphins are still on track to accomplish anything they could possibly want. They still have the ability to meet needs that everyone understands as needs.

The Dolphins need receivers and there are still some very talented receivers such as Kenny Golladay or JuJu Smith-Schuster for big money or Marvin Jones Jr. and others who could bite into a class free agent contract. average.

They need an edge rusher and while getting Vince Biegel back is nice, it’s not. And there are still some awesome edge rushers available.

This group has the high-end guys the Dolphins likely won’t have, like Trey Hendrickson or Bud Dupree, who are in high demand and try to milk teams for every penny they can.

But maybe Haason Reddick or Aldon Smith or Carl Lawson will take a little less time to come to Miami.

The Dolphins still need a center, which won’t be Green Bay’s Corey Linsley, who got a huge five-year contract with the Los Angeles Chargers. But Dave Andrews of New England remains available, as does Max Skura of Baltimore as well as a possibility of a return with 2020 starter Ted Karras.

And what is it for here? Well, things are obviously different from a year ago when Miami agreed to sign seven players, many of them in the early hours of the negotiation period, priced at $ 226 million, of which $ 117 million. guaranteed.

The Dolphins are taking a much more measured approach this year.

And this measured approach might be fine because in the early hours of this free agency, in which Miami didn’t sign any new players, they added as many Pro Bowl players as they added overall. free agency during the 2020 shopping spree.

So maybe the fans are upset, the dolphins are cautious and counting their pennies. But those same fans have to agree that at least no major mistakes are made.

We have, of course, seen all of this before.

We’ve seen Jimmy Johnson and then Rick Spielman spending cautiously in some free agency times. We’ve seen Randy Mueller, Nick Saban, Jeff Ireland, and Mike Tannenbaum come out and spend big on their targeted free agents.

We’ve seen it both ways.

And now we’ve seen it both ways under Chris Grier and Brian Flores, as they barely recognized free agency in 2019 and spent more than any other team last year.

And now we’re waiting for something somewhere in the middle.

I no longer know which way is the best. In fact, I withdraw that.

The best way is to make the right decisions.

It is wrong to say “don’t spend in free agency” because the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have done a great job in free agency in recent years and have won a Super Bowl.

Because the Kansas City Chiefs are no strangers to free agency and keep spending, with goaltender Joe Thuney signing on Monday, and they’ve played in back-to-back Super Bowls.

Because Green Bay hasn’t played free agency at all for years under GM Ted Thompson, but walked away 180 degrees a few years ago with new GM Brian Gutenkunst and competed to two consecutive games for the NFC title.

More conservative free agency teams have also been successful. The Seahawks, Ravens and Steelers are part of this group.

So there is no definite formula for doing things right (or wrong) other than making the right calls.

That said, the right dolphin call this year should involve lessons learned from 2020.

Lesson # 1: Players are often the person they’ve shown they are before.

The Dolphins paid big bucks for linebackers Kyle Van Noy and Shaq Lawson and cornerback Byron Jones last year and all three have essentially played at the level they previously had with other teams.

But because the Dolphins have paid so much, the performances the Dolphins had seen before seemed somewhat unsatisfying. The team are not saying this publicly, although cutting Van Noy and trading Lawson is a statement in itself.

It’s just how I felt.

And as that free agency continues and the bargains start to show up, the Dolphins should feel free to dive in and get players who average six sacks a year, or average five touchdowns a year, or are intermediate level linemen.

It’s fine to add them up as long as Miami doesn’t pay too much for what’s to be expected once the games start.

Armando Salguero has covered the Miami Dolphins and the NFL since 1990, so longer than many players on the current roster have been alive and since many of the team’s coaches were in college. He was one of the 3 national columnists of the APSE in 2016. He is one of the 48 voters of the Professional Football Hall of Fame. He is a member of the Associated Press All-Pro and an award voter. He covered Dolphins games in London, Berlin, Mexico City and Tokyo. He covered 25 Super Bowls, the NBA Finals and the Olympics.

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