Manitoba Moose Playoff Practice Report

The Moose returned to Winnipeg after two dominating games against them in Milwaukee, but despite being in control, they returned to Manitoba 0-2 in their best five series with the Admirals.

Photo credit: Daniel Fink (Manitoba Moose)

Practice Notes:

According to Jacob Stoler some players missing this morning including Kristian Vesalainen and Declan Chisholm. He also provided the D lines and pairs below.


Polei Maier Jones

Phillips Gawanke

Availability of players:

Availability of coaches:

Health info:

According to Mark Morrison, some updates, including Declan Chisholm does not patinate due to maintenance. He also said that Kristian Vesalainen has a leg injury and when asked if he will play in Game 3 on Wednesday, he said “I don’t think he’s an option for Wednesday.” He added that Christian Reichel came out with a “six-week injury”. He was eliminated from the game on April 26 thanks to this blow.

Recall Notice:

After practice, the team announced that they had called back Hayden Shaw of the ECHL.


The Moose have another day of practice tomorrow scheduled for Tuesday.

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