Iowa’s GOP anti-abortion agenda backfires

If the goal of the Republicans in Iowa is to reduce the number of abortions in our state, they are failing.

After four years of unified Republican leadership in the Iowa legislature and governor’s office, the long decline in abortions has come to an end. Number of state-reported abortions have increased by around 25% between 2018 and 2019 after falling more than 50% in the previous decade, as the Des Moines Register first reports.

Much of this increase is attributable to the state government’s decision to legislatively destroy effective programs to reduce unintended pregnancies. A spike in the abortion rate is an unintended but entirely predictable consequence of Iowa’s recent legislative record.

In 2017, then-government. Terry Branstad led the effort in Iowa to end federal funding for family planning programs, as part of a national campaign led by GOP policymakers to fund abortion providers, who also offer contraceptives and many other services. Branstad’s policy led to the shutdown of a third of Iowa’s Planned Parenthood clinics, which served thousands of patients.

In their fury at Planned Parenthood’s abortion services, anti-abortion politicians have made it harder for Iowans to access all non-abortion services offered by abortion providers.

Since gaining full control of the legislative and executive branches of state government in the 2016 election, Republicans have relentlessly attacked the reproductive rights of the people of Iowa. It is a multi-faceted attack, targeting both abortion and contraceptives.

On several occasions, state restrictions on abortion have been blocked by the courts, but lawmakers are sticking to them, wasting taxpayers’ time and money.

Even in the closing hours of this year’s Iowa Legislature – a session marked by a long pandemic suspension, a devastated economy and workforce, and the biggest civil rights movement in a generation – Republican legislative leaders have found the time to propose an amendment in Iowa. Constitution affirming that there is no right to abortion.

Restricting abortion rights is in itself despicable, but coupled with reduced access to contraceptives, it is a particularly dangerous threat to women’s health and personal freedom. Iowa’s political agenda has caused more unwanted pregnancies, and politicians are constantly devising new ways to try to deny women the right to terminate these unwanted pregnancies.

This situation lends a lot of credibility to the criticism that Republicans in Iowa aren’t really interested in ending abortions – they’re just obsessed with regulating sex and controlling women’s bodies.

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Rooms Iowa House, Wednesday June 3, 2020 in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo / Charlie Neibergall)

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