Impact launches WA nickel-PGE exploration

Impact Minerals embarks on its WA nickel hunt, with the company identifying a multitude of targets in the potential southwestern mineral field and embarking on an extensive surface sampling program on its key projects. The impact controls over 1900 km² of land between Northam and Corrigin, east of Perth, which is believed to harbor a number of Julimar-style nickel-PGE targets.

The company’s review of the WA regional geophysical database revealed that mafic-ultramafic stratigraphy in the Southwest region is likely to be much more widespread than previously thought. Based on this work, Impact has already identified 17 priority nickel-PGE targets. These targets extend over 100 km in direction and lie on or adjacent to the same regional trend that hosts Chalice Mining’s nickel-PGE Julimar discovery in the north.

Impact’s first pass exploration will include roadside sampling through the various targets, with soil samples to be taken at 100m spacings. Initial estimates indicate that the program will cover around 80 linear kilometers and produce more than 800 samples.

The goal of the reconnaissance program is to produce areas of coincident geophysical and geochemical anomalies which can then be followed by close soil and auger sampling which could lead to drill testing.

The priority target of the impact is currently the Beau prospect, east of York, which has been identified as a potential mafic-ultramafic intrusion that extends over 3 km in direction and shows marked geophysical similarities with the ‘Gonneville de Chalice intrusion to the north, according to management.

The company’s property in Beau is 16 km north of its main property in Arkun, with field work indicating that the intrusive target has minimal surface expression and is covered with a soil veneer. Management says there appears to have been no previous exploration of the land.

Beau and Arkun are approximately 130 km southeast of Perth. Impact’s collection of contiguous exploration concessions at the two sites covers an expanse of what appears to be previously unrecognized Archean stratigraphy.

The company’s extensive land ownership holds promise for gold, nickel, cobalt, platinum group elements or “PGEs” and kaolin-halloysite, but it has a strong focus in the region on the nickel-space. PGE.

Impact’s entry into the emerging Southwestern mineral terrane follows several high-profile nickel discoveries in the region in recent years. The first cab in the row was the Quicksilver nickel discovery south of Hyden in 2017 which propelled the ASX-listed Golden Mile share price from 13c to over $ 1 in a matter of weeks. Then came Chalice’s Julimar Nickel-PGE discovery in early 2020 that put a rocket under the company: it was trading at a modest 14c before the discovery and now has a share price of $ 8.60 and a market cap. stock market of nearly $ 3 billion – a performance any listed company would be happy to emulate.

By staking out its claims to the southwest, the Impact team established that Julimar was at the northwestern end of a regionally-wide “moving belt” that stretches over 500 km. southeast of the find and is up to 30 km wide. The company then proceeded to target key geophysical targets along this belt, which resulted in the anchoring of the Arkun project in May 2020.

Perhaps the best endorsement of the company’s strategy in the South West is the entry of one of the major global mining players Anglo American into the region following Impact’s anchoring. Anglo American has requested an incredible 10,130 km² between York and Corrigin in the Wheat Belt – surrounding Impact’s holdings on three sides.

Interestingly, Julimar’s nickel-PGE discovery and Anglo American regional entry confirmed what a small clique of geologists has long believed, namely that the Southwest Terrane contains a rich endowment of metals to dig up.

It may soon become the newest nickel province in Washington State.

Having done more homework than most, Impact is among the first in a race to find potential Julimar look-alikes.

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