“I just did what you should be doing”

Luke Bryan jumped on the internet one day last month and learned he was going viral for showing kindness to a single mom in need. The singer says he had no idea it was filmed as he changed the motorist’s tire along a country road in Columbia, Tennessee on October 24.

“I just did what you should be doing,” Bryan shares while talking to Taste.of Country Nights ahead of the 2021 CMA Awards (November 10 on ABC).

Quick recap: Bryan was out hunting with his boys when he passed a car that got stuck on a bad stretch of road. This woman, Courtney Potts, told Taste of Country that the superstar asked him to drive a little further so they weren’t in a dangerous curve, then he grabbed his tools and fixed his tire.

“I did not know she was filming me,” says the host of CMA. “When I saw him the next day… I was like ‘Oh yeah, it’s going to come out.’“ He wasn’t mad at that. – after all, it’s much more common for a celebrity to go viral for something negative than positive. Potts said she was blown away by the kindness.

“He’s just a humble guy,” she tells ToC. “I told my mom he was almost into daddy mode. All these women commenting on his butt on my TikTok (Laughs), and it was more of a daddy moment. He was seriously worried about me and was fixing the tire on this car! “

If you are wondering, yes, Potts made find out who his roadside angel was.

“Just when I got there she said, ‘Holy shit! “” Says Bryan. She’s a longtime fan who’s seen her perform live on at least one occasion. Now she has a pretty cool photo to show her kids, one of whom was sleeping and one of them. ‘them waving and screaming when Bryan helped them.

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