House Democrats to try to repeal the Hyde Amendment, which bans federal money for abortions

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For more than 40 years, Democrats and Republicans have stuck to a compromise on abortion: No government money would be used to pay for termination of pregnancies.

Now, leading House Democrats say they plan to challenge that status quo. Starting next year, House Democratic leaders will no longer support the annual decision to enact the ban, they told a small group of House Democrats.

This move could trigger a major fight against abortion and its intersection with racial and class discrimination. If successful, lifting the ban, known as the Hyde Amendment, would mark one of the most significant changes in abortion policy in decades.

“It’s a matter of racial justice and it’s a matter of discrimination against low income women, women of color, women who do not have access to what middle and upper income women have in terms of of choice to abort, ”said Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Oakland).

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