Funniest Psych Moments, Ranked

“Psych” doesn’t get any better than that. When a reality TV judge (Tim Curry) thinks someone is trying to kill him, Shawn, Gus, and the Santa Barbara Police Department try to find the culprit. From there, Curry steals the show as Nigel St. Nigel, an extreme version of Simon Cowell.

St. Nigel rubs everyone the wrong way – “an equal opportunity bastard” in Gus’ words – and the public wins every time. The police, his fellow judges, the host of the show – no one is safe from his beards. Even Henry is caught up in the madness when Shawn and Gus use Elder Spencer’s house as a refuge for St. Nigel. Curry’s perfect lines are too numerous to mention, although he memorably describes riding in Gus’ Toyota Echo as being “incarcerated in a blueberry” and dislikes the steak Henry serves him because ” he still has the marks where the jockey was hitting him. ” Now imagine these lines being spoken with the English accent of Curry. You can thank us later.

But wait, there is more. Other guest stars Gina Gershon and Cristián de la Fuente are a revelation as fellow judges of St. Nigel. Notably, Gershon plays the barely lucid Emilina Saffron (think: a fictional version of Paula Abdul), who uses her feminine tricks and bodily functions to drive Lassiter mad. And although de la Fuente barely speaks throughout the episode because St. Nigel continues to cut him off, his facial expressions are just as memorable.

This all adds up to an episode worthy of the TV Comedy Hall of Fame, if such a thing existed. What’s needed !

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