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Turkey’s gross reserves are well below the recommended adequacy range, and net international reserves are negative excluding currency swaps with the central bank.
Image Credit: Corbis Images

Istanbul: The International Monetary Fund forecasts strong growth for Turkey this year, while saying risks increased after reserves fell from previously low levels.

Turkey’s gross domestic product is expected to grow by around 5.75% in 2021 and return to a slower trend next year, the IMF said in a statement on Friday after a so-called review mission under the article IV in the country.

Turkey’s gross reserves are well below the recommended adequacy range, and net international reserves are negative when currency swaps with the central bank are excluded, according to the IMF.

Turkey’s fiscal space is constrained by contingent liabilities and potential debt refinancing pressures, while the pound’s depreciation adds to stress on the balance sheets of non-financial corporations and banks, IMF says .

“Inflation is expected to remain high and reserves continue to decline,” the fund said in an emailed statement. “With high external financing needs, large domestic currency deposits and low reserve reserves, the economy remains vulnerable to shocks and sentiment shifts at home and abroad. “

The fund said domestic risks include premature easing of monetary and credit policies or other political missteps that further erode credibility and buffers. External risks include increases in interest rates in advanced economies and a higher global risk aversion that could expose vulnerabilities as well as vaccination delays and unfavorable geopolitical developments.

Turkish consumer prices rose 16.6% annualized in May, and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said interest rate cuts could be implemented as early as July or August. The central bank expects inflation to slow from the end of the third quarter and end the year at 12.2%.

IMF executive directors called for further restraining and refocusing credit growth in public banks and monitoring banks’ foreign currency liabilities, the statement said. They also called for structural reforms to counter the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, increased labor market flexibility and the restructuring of viable, temporarily insolvent companies and the liquidation of non-viable companies.

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This foldable karambit comes with multi-tool tools built into its blade, making it a versatile EDC https://piazzacarlogiuliani.org/this-foldable-karambit-comes-with-multi-tool-tools-built-into-its-blade-making-it-a-versatile-edc/ https://piazzacarlogiuliani.org/this-foldable-karambit-comes-with-multi-tool-tools-built-into-its-blade-making-it-a-versatile-edc/#respond Fri, 11 Jun 2021 22:30:23 +0000 https://piazzacarlogiuliani.org/this-foldable-karambit-comes-with-multi-tool-tools-built-into-its-blade-making-it-a-versatile-edc/

I’m going to be honest, looking at the blade of a knife and thinking “I wonder what else we could put in there” is a particularly brilliant thought. Meet the FX-800 MK, a karambit folding knife designed by Doug Marcaida for Fox Knives. Unlike traditional knives with sharp blades, the FX-800 MK’s blade is both sharp AND versatile. It comes with its own 3-size hex tool, seat belt cutter, flathead screwdriver and Phillips screwdriver built into the blade space, making it much more functional than a cutting tool. . The blade folds into the handle of the karambit, which comes with a carbide glass breaker, along with a pocket clip and carabiner. This propels the knife into a multi-tool category and allows it to coexist all of these features in its slim, knife-like design without any compromise …

Karambits are usually small, curved knives that have their roots in Indonesian culture as agricultural and self-defense weapons. The FX-800 MK is a karambit in its most literal sense, as it comes with a small, curved blade, but the way the blade is designed makes the FX-800 MK different from most traditional and modern karambits. The FX-800 MK is more of a multi-tool than a knife. The curved blade works amazingly well in certain scenarios, but it’s not intended for traditional cutting, chopping, and slicing tasks. The blade’s narrow parabolic curve is perfect for hanging and cutting objects, such as twigs and branches, paracords and seat belts. Designed for safety (as well as utility), the blade can be used to cut a seat belt, while the carbide tip of the handle can shatter a car’s tempered glass, making the FX-800 MK incredibly useful in emergency situations and rescue missions.

When it comes to the utility features of the FX-800 MK, the 3-size hex tool, flathead screwdriver, and phillips screwdriver are ideal for DIY and basic repair. The knife’s ergonomic handle makes it easy to maneuver, and the Phillips head position is perfect for being able to apply more torque while you tighten or loosen the screws. This curved blade could also open some boxes very well.

The folding knife measures 4.87 inches when closed and opens to measure 7.25 inches in length. Its 2.25 inch blade is made from N690 Co stainless steel, with a Ceracote matte black finish, while the handle is made from G10, a sturdy composite material used in premium knife handles. The FX-800 MK is manufactured in Maniago, Italy at Fox Knives headquarters.

Designer: Doug Marcaida for Fox knives

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Commentary: The Merits of Singapore’s New Carbon Trading Market https://piazzacarlogiuliani.org/commentary-the-merits-of-singapores-new-carbon-trading-market/ https://piazzacarlogiuliani.org/commentary-the-merits-of-singapores-new-carbon-trading-market/#respond Fri, 11 Jun 2021 22:03:32 +0000 https://piazzacarlogiuliani.org/commentary-the-merits-of-singapores-new-carbon-trading-market/

SINGAPORE: Singapore took another important step in promoting the Green Agenda last month.

The country announced on May 20 its intention to position itself as a carbon services hub.

Climate Impact X (CIX) is a joint venture between the Development Bank of Singapore, Singapore Exchange, Standard Chartered Bank and Temasek Holdings.

First conceived by the Alliance for Action on Sustainability of the Emerging Singapore Taskforce, CIX will provide a market for carbon credit trading from the end of 2021.

READ: The new global carbon exchange will be headquartered in Singapore

Singapore is well suited to host a carbon market. It is an ideal base for multinational companies working on projects that generate emission credits in the region.

As a regional leader in commodities trading, Singapore also deals with many majors and energy traders who will constitute a large part of the ancillary services customer base of the carbon market.

There are already around thirty companies here offering carbon consultancy services, which include the development of low-carbon projects, consultancy and verification for the registration of certified emission reduction credits, measurement of carbon footprint, project financing and legal services.

Launching a carbon market can attract more of these consultants to a key growth industry.

(What will CIX bring to the carbon trading and climate action table? Read up on The Climate Conversations.)


CIX is a welcome addition to the suite of emissions reduction initiatives and institutions in Singapore that are helping the country accelerate its peak and net zero emissions timelines.

Under the Paris Agreement, Singapore’s nationally determined contribution is to peak emissions of 65 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent by 2030. Singapore is also seeking to halve maximum emissions to 33 million tonnes by 2050 and achieve net zero emissions as soon as possible in the second half of the year. of the century.

A key innovation of CIX includes provisions for the commerce of nature-based solutions.

Nature-based climate solutions like mangroves, wetlands and forests can absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

A recent study by researchers at the NUS Center for Nature-Based Climate Solutions estimates that reforestation in Southeast Asia can contribute to 3.4 gigatonnes of reduced carbon dioxide emissions per year. Reforestation, combined with transparency of the supply chain and harmonized standards for carbon offsets, can result in an immediate source of carbon credits.

As an exchange focused on these carbon credits, CIX will enhance the climate finance ecosystem in Singapore and expand the range of mechanisms for companies to manage and price their carbon externalities. Google, Microsoft and Amazon are said to be in talks to use CIX in their journey to become net zero emitters.

In addition, it offers Singapore another way to expand the international reach of its environmental management activities.

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READ: Commentary: Making promises was the easy part, but it’s a long way to net zero emissions


CIX can help adjust Singapore’s carbon tax – which went into effect in January 2019 – by expanding the range of tools used for carbon pricing in Singapore.

This will allow the Singapore government some freedom to discuss a future, possibly upward, review of the current tax, as local businesses will have the option of defraying their “carbon costs” from others. means.

The current tax rate of S $ 5 per tonne of CO2 can be challenged for three reasons. First, the costs of abatement are generally considered to be much higher, and ideally the price of carbon would reflect the cost of abatement. A World Bank report released in May notes that a price of US $ 40 to US $ 80 (S $ 50 to 100) per tonne of CO2 is needed to meet the 2 degree Celsius target..

Second, the S $ 5 price may not fully capture the carbon embedded in international supply chains and trade.

This sparked a debate on the need for carbon border adjustment mechanisms – a tool to ensure that domestic and imported goods assess their intrinsic emissions equally, thus discouraging trade with heavily polluting countries that do not have effective carbon pricing mechanisms.

A fully loaded container ship waits outside a container terminal in Singapore on February 9, 2017 (Photo: AFP / ROSLAN RAHMAN)

Third, Singapore’s carbon pricing is arguably not a sufficiently liquid mechanism because it changes infrequently.

The government plans to increase the tax rate to between S $ 10 and S $ 15 per tonne by 2030. The level and path of taxation after 2023 will be reviewed by 2022, in consultation with industry and groups. experts in order to give businesses and the opportunity to adapt to changes.

It makes sense to introduce market-based mechanisms to facilitate the pricing process and allow emissions pricing in business decisions.

In the absence of such a mechanism, finding the right price for carbon is complex. This requires striking a balance between reducing the carbon footprint of industries and increasing the costs of doing business, which can negatively impact the competitiveness of Singapore’s economy.

However, with the pandemic still evolving, the success of Singapore’s carbon services hub should not be taken for granted. An increased and quantifiable demand for carbon offsets also suggests an upward trend in emissions-intensive activities in the short term.

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READ: Commentary: Five years after the Paris Agreement, the world must get ambitious on climate action

get companies to play ball

The CIX is also a first step in getting companies to play Singapore’s climate bond game.

The demand for carbon offsets could come from several sources. Companies that currently pay carbon taxes can purchase credits to meet their carbon tax obligation.

Likewise, companies or other speculators can buy credits to exchange them later for a bounty, if this is allowed under the carbon pricing law.

We can also expect a retail business of individuals looking for socially responsible investment options.

However, Singapore should not forget that there are no mandatory reduction targets at the industry level. Many of the carbon commitments of companies in the region are currently voluntary, which can limit market participation.

A view shows buildings in Singapore's financial district

A view shows people against buildings in Singapore’s financial district on April 14, 2021. (Photo: AFP / Roslan Rahman)

Regulation can ensure strong market participation. With the rapid global expansion of climate finance, compliance concerns have also increased due to “greenwash” – when companies over-inflate the environmental credentials of their projects.

The devil is in the details. Regulators must provide strong mechanisms for verifying, monitoring and enforcing project compliance, not only to prevent greenwash, but also to ensure fair benchmarking of all projects.

This could be initiated by industry, where providers of carbon credits and offsets commit to co-develop and implement methodologies for quantifying and reporting greenhouse gases for their respective sectors. Regulators will then be able to assess methodologies that improve transparency in carbon credit transactions.

Recognizing the complexity of scaling up global carbon markets, the Global Institute on Finance’s Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets Task Force launched a consultation on building ‘high-end markets. integrity ”, which should end at the end of June. It seeks to establish “a threshold standard for high-quality credits, clear legal standards, and unite existing and fragmented carbon credit markets into one impactful and well-managed system.”.

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READ: Commentary: Here’s how Green Bonds will take Singapore’s reputation as a finance hub to the next level

To ensure the integrity and quality of its credits, CIX will work with global partners, including the Voluntary Carbon Market Scaling Working Group and the Natural Climate Solutions Alliance.

It will also use cutting-edge data analytics, such as satellite monitoring, machine learning, and blockchain technology to ensure the environmental integrity of credits traded on CIX.

Global rating agencies could be asked to provide independent environmental assessments for nature-based projects that will issue carbon credits.

It is important that Singapore provides a well-managed and reliable market for carbon offsets while expanding efforts to reduce emissions.

However, to achieve its own national goals, companies must ultimately engage in less carbon-intensive production models and not simply “pay to play” by exploiting the offsets.

Melissa Low is a researcher at the Energy Studies Institute at the National University of Singapore. David Broadstock is a senior researcher and senior energy economist at the same institute.

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Zombie stocks defy bankruptcy logic as meme traders bid them https://piazzacarlogiuliani.org/zombie-stocks-defy-bankruptcy-logic-as-meme-traders-bid-them/ https://piazzacarlogiuliani.org/zombie-stocks-defy-bankruptcy-logic-as-meme-traders-bid-them/#respond Fri, 11 Jun 2021 20:25:09 +0000 https://piazzacarlogiuliani.org/zombie-stocks-defy-bankruptcy-logic-as-meme-traders-bid-them/

(Bloomberg) – It seems more and more that corporate finance textbooks need a chapter on memes.

Being on the verge of bankruptcy doesn’t seem to matter much in the US stock market anymore. While this may seem like the start of a uplifting tale of the state of investing in 2021, the reality is far stranger. Redditors have offered so much shares of AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. and GameStop Corp. that it saved them – for now at least – from serious trouble.

These aren’t the only struggling businesses where social media users are trying to conjure the magic. In a large benchmark of U.S. stocks known as the Russell 3000 Index, there are 726 companies whose earnings do not cover their interest payments, a red flag for the pros, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. These zombies have grown an average of 30% in 2021 – beating the return of 13% for the entire index – and 41 of them have doubled since New Years Eve.

Even explicit warnings don’t seem to register. A bankruptcy plan being considered by GTT Communications Inc. would eliminate shareholders, which is typical in Chapter 11 cases, Bloomberg reported on May 24. Nonetheless, the company’s shares have risen by around 69% since then.

Wall Street is starting to consider the impact of traders generating excitement for stocks on social media and Reddit threads. Theater operator AMC, which was on the verge of bankruptcy last year, now has a “path to a sustainable capital structure,” according to S&P Global Ratings, in part because it was able to sell new shares to the amid huge demand from retail investors. Video game retailer GameStop is now debt free for the same reason.

“When looking at the debt of certain issuers, it becomes difficult not to take into account the valuations of stocks which can seem inflated by trading based on Reddit, especially since companies like AMC are able to monetize these valuations. “said Ben Briggs, a credit analyst at StoneX Financial Inc.

In bankruptcy, shareholders are the last to recover value, only after all debt holders have been paid. Yet investors are cramming in the shares of troubled names – and even companies already in bankruptcy proceedings. Medley Management Inc. has skyrocketed this month. The company’s private debt business filed for Chapter 11 protection in March with the intention of repaying its debt with new stock.

Reddit optimists may point to more than just AMC and GameStop. The survival of car rental company Hertz Global Holdings Inc. was in question a year ago. He tried selling stocks to support himself, but admitted they could be worthless, prompting the Securities and Exchange Commission to block the offer. But its restructuring in Chapter 11 ended up returning shareholder value, which hardly ever happens.

The rallies in AMC and GameStop stocks have gained public attention, but credit markets have also been moved. GameStop is out of debt, but AMC’s obligations have recovered significantly. Its 12% note due in 2026 was deeply distressed in November at 5 cents to the dollar. An incredible turnaround has put them just above par now.

It is no coincidence that some of the most struggling companies are now the ones profiting the most from retail rallies. Their massive debt load, coupled with the devastating impact Covid-19 has had on their ability to generate income, were among the reasons their stocks are so heavily overdrawn in the first place. The redditors specifically targeted stocks with huge bets against them.

“Reddit gatherings are slightly changing the way we approach investing,” said George Schultze, CEO of Schulte Asset Management. “The dynamics of these rallies are certainly interesting and are a clear sign of excess liquidity flowing in the market.”

GTT, an internet infrastructure company, hit an intraday high of $ 4.75 on June 3 after falling to $ 1. The company has caught the attention of traders on Reddit, who have pointed out its small market cap, high short-term interest, and the CEO’s previous trade turnarounds.

The company has repeatedly extended its forbearance agreement with lenders, which has been interpreted in online forums as a lifeline – not a routine part of restructuring negotiations, which it is.

Washington Prime Group Inc., owner of shopping malls reeling from the pandemic, has also attracted retailers. Like GTT, it has a forbearance pact with lenders and is heading to bankruptcy court.

“WPG announces deal this weekend?” Reddit user dbede5 wrote this week. “Abstention agreement extended until midnight Monday, not the usual one week extension !!”

Its stock is up 118% in the past two weeks.

“A lot of retail investors are very smart,” said Christian Lawrence, strategist at Rabobank in New York. “We don’t give them enough credit. But there is no doubt that many do not understand the exact mechanisms surrounding bankruptcy.

How it all ends is up to you to guess. But even as the pros are starting to factor in the craze for meme stocks, it’s clear that the gap between old-fashioned finance and newer ways is big.

“Wall Street and Main Street are not even on the same continent anymore,” Reddit user baddfish2 posted on WallStreetBets on Thursday.

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SHAREHOLDER ALERT: Levi & Korsinsky, LLP Notifies Washington Prime Group, Inc. Shareholders of Class Action and Lead Plaintiff Deadline of July 23, 2021 https://piazzacarlogiuliani.org/shareholder-alert-levi-korsinsky-llp-notifies-washington-prime-group-inc-shareholders-of-class-action-and-lead-plaintiff-deadline-of-july-23-2021/ https://piazzacarlogiuliani.org/shareholder-alert-levi-korsinsky-llp-notifies-washington-prime-group-inc-shareholders-of-class-action-and-lead-plaintiff-deadline-of-july-23-2021/#respond Fri, 11 Jun 2021 20:22:00 +0000 https://piazzacarlogiuliani.org/shareholder-alert-levi-korsinsky-llp-notifies-washington-prime-group-inc-shareholders-of-class-action-and-lead-plaintiff-deadline-of-july-23-2021/

New York, New York – (Newsfile Corp. – June 11, 2021) – The following statement is released by Levi & Korsinsky, LLP:

To: All persons or entities who have purchased or otherwise acquired securities of Washington Prime Group, Inc. (“Washington Prime Group, Inc.”) (NYSE: WPG) between November 5, 2020 and March 4, 2021. You are hereby notified that a securities class action lawsuit has been brought in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio. For more information, visit:


or contact Joseph E. Levi, Esq. either by email at jlevi@levikorsinsky.com or by phone at (212) 363-7500. There is no cost or obligation for you.

Washington Prime Group, Inc. NEWS – WPG NEWS

CASE DETAILS: According to the complaint filed: (1) WPG’s financial situation deteriorated considerably; (2) as a result, there was considerable uncertainty as to the Company’s ability to meet its capital structure obligations when they became due; and (3) as a result of the foregoing, the Defendants’ positive statements regarding the business, operations and prospects of the Company were substantially misleading and / or lacked reasonable basis.

WHAT THIS MEANS FOR SHAREHOLDERS: If you suffered a loss in Washington Prime Group, Inc., you have up to July 23, 2021 ask the court to appoint you as the principal plaintiff. Your ability to participate in any recovery does not require you to serve as the principal applicant.

NO COT FOR YOU: If you purchased securities of Washington Prime Group, Inc. between November 5, 2020 and March 4, 2021, you may be entitled to compensation without payment of any fees or charges.

PROTECT YOUR FINANCIAL INTERESTS: Fill out this brief submission form https://www.zlk.com/pslra-1/washington-prime-group-inc-information-request-form?prid=16819&wire=5 or call 212-363-7500 to discuss the case with Joseph E. Levi, Esq.

WHY LEVI & KORSINSKY: Levi & Korsinsky have a proven track record of winning cases worth hundreds of millions of dollars to shareholders over a 20-year period. We represent and fight for shareholders who have been wronged by companies.

Levi & Korsinsky is a nationally recognized firm with offices in New York, California, Connecticut and Washington, DC The firm’s founding partners, Joseph Levi and Eduard Korsinsky, have represented shareholders and institutional clients since nearly 20 years and have achieved remarkable results for clients in the United States and abroad. The firm, which has more than 80 employees, is committed to fostering, cultivating and preserving a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion for employees and those we represent. Our lawyers have extensive expertise in representing investors in securities litigation with a history of recovering hundreds of millions of dollars in cases. Levi & Korsinsky has been ranked in the Institutional Shareholder Services (“ISS”) SCAS Top 50 report for 7 consecutive years as the best securities litigation firm in the United States. The SCAS Top 50 report identifies the leading plaintiff securities law firms in the country, and year after year ISS has recognized Levi & Korsinsky as a leading firm in the field of securities class actions.

Levi & Korsinsky, LLP
Joseph E. Levi, Esq.
Ed Korsinsky, Esq.
55 Broadway, 10th floor
New York, New York 10006
Phone. : (212) 363-7500
Fax: (212) 363-7171

To view the source version of this press release, please visit https://www.newsfilecorp.com/release/87351

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Jacob Harris wasted no time winning first-team reps, impressing McVay https://piazzacarlogiuliani.org/jacob-harris-wasted-no-time-winning-first-team-reps-impressing-mcvay/ https://piazzacarlogiuliani.org/jacob-harris-wasted-no-time-winning-first-team-reps-impressing-mcvay/#respond Fri, 11 Jun 2021 15:51:00 +0000 https://piazzacarlogiuliani.org/jacob-harris-wasted-no-time-winning-first-team-reps-impressing-mcvay/

Jacob Harris was considered a pure luxury pick when the Rams selected him in the fourth round this year. A varsity receiver moving on to tight end, Harris is a raw prospect with a rare combination of size, speed and jumping ability.

But it is possible that it is not as raw as it was initially believed. It wasn’t until June, but Harris has already won first-team reps in OTAs and minicamps, catching the attention of Sean McVay and Rams coaches. At 6 feet 5 inches and 219 pounds with a speed of 4.39, it’s hard to miss. But Harris impressed the Rams for all the right reasons.

After the final minicamp practice, McVay discussed Harris’s impact so far and explained why he had reps with the starters while Tyler Higbee was away.

“I think he just earned it,” McVay said of Harris. “Obviously Tyler is the lead dog. He did a great job. I think he’s one of the most complete tight ends in this league and when he’s feeling good Tyler Higbee can do anything for us. Jacob Harris is a great addition to this room. I think he’s a guy with a lot of potential. Wes Phillips did a good job upgrading it. “

McVay went on to point out Harris’ rare athletic traits and how he stood out in training circles, which is difficult for NFL players, especially rookies, to do. The coach knows it’s only June and the pads aren’t in place just yet, but no rookie has drawn more attention to the OTA Rams and minicamp than Harris.

That’s at least a positive sign at the start of the tight end of the first year.

“His natural range, his catch radius, his body control for a player of his size are pretty rare,” McVay continued. “I think you can see, for the NFL guys to stand out like he did in some of those limited settings in shorts and helmets, he definitely made a positive impression. We all understand that it depends on when you put the pads on and how it really translates, but I think it’s because he deserved it and I was so happy with him. He’s smart, he’s conscientious, and he’s done a great job improving himself throughout.

Harris only has two years of wide receiver experience, catching 39 passes for 987 yards and nine 2019-20 touchdowns at UCF. He also started late in football, having mainly played football in high school. At 24, he was one of the oldest prospects in the draft, but he was also one of the most athletic.

His relative athletic score has ranked 12th out of 2,488 wide receiver hopes since 1987. So imagine where he would rank among the tight ends.

McVay isn’t sure exactly where Harris will play, whether it’s as the tight end on the line, off roster, in the lunge, or away from the wide receiver. However, the more positions he can play, the more Los Angeles can create offensive shifts.

“I think it’s a little too early, but what I would say is I think the smart thing would be that if he could play in a variety of places, this would be how we can put the more pressure on people, ”McVay said. mentionned. “If he can play as a tied tight end, if he can play in the slot, if he can be detached widely, that’s the kind of skill he plans to have, but then again , until we really put the leggings on – because you look at what he was doing in college, he was basically lined up as a catcher. So being able to make that transition to the tight end and be attached to the core and do the different things that we ask in that place, there will be a learning curve. I think he’s handled it well so far, but we’ll have a real chance to assess this and allow that to come to life depending on how he’s handling it and I’m confident he’s doing it. will handle well.

The good thing about Harris’ transition to the tight end is that he has the athleticism to succeed as a big slot or wide receiver in the meantime. He will need to develop as a blocker in both running play and pass protection, but his size and speed allows him to make plays as a receiver.

He is naturally a player who gets a lot of fans excited and will be someone to watch closely during training camp and preseason.

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Bus transmission systems market – growing demand from industry professionals: AISIN SEIKI Co. Ltd., Voith GmbH And Co. KGaA – KSU https://piazzacarlogiuliani.org/bus-transmission-systems-market-growing-demand-from-industry-professionals-aisin-seiki-co-ltd-voith-gmbh-and-co-kgaa-ksu/ https://piazzacarlogiuliani.org/bus-transmission-systems-market-growing-demand-from-industry-professionals-aisin-seiki-co-ltd-voith-gmbh-and-co-kgaa-ksu/#respond Fri, 11 Jun 2021 05:58:38 +0000 https://piazzacarlogiuliani.org/bus-transmission-systems-market-growing-demand-from-industry-professionals-aisin-seiki-co-ltd-voith-gmbh-and-co-kgaa-ksu/

Recently announced JCMR Bus transmission system study with more than 200 page-spread market data tables and figures and a detailed and easy-to-understand table of contents on the ‘Global Bus Transmission Systems Market. Global Bus Transmission Systems Market allows you to get different methods to maximize your profit. The research study provides estimates for the forecast of the bus transmission system to 2028 *. Some of the key key companies covered for this research are AISIN SEIKI Co. Ltd., Voith GmbH And Co. KGaA, Allison Transmission Inc., MAN Truck And Bus AG, Daimler AG, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, SKF, Cardan Shaft India, WABCO, Eaton, VE Commercial Vehicles Limited, RSB Group

Our report will be revised to take into account the effects of COVID-19 on the global bus transmission systems market.

Click for Sample Global Bus Transmission Systems Market Study PDF Copy Here @: jcmarketresearch.com/report-details/1337298/sample

The global market for bus transmission systems for a leading company is an intelligent process of collecting and analyzing digital data related to services and products. This research gives insight to the understanding goals, needs and wants of your targeted customer. In addition, reveals the efficiency with which a company can meet their requirements. Market research collects data on customers, marketing strategy, competitors. The industry of manufacturing bus transmission systems is becoming more dynamic and innovative, with more private players entering the industry.

Important features being offered and highlights of the report:

1) Who are the major key companies in the Global Bus Transmission System Data Surway report?

Here is the list of players currently featured in the report AISIN SEIKI Co. Ltd., Voith GmbH And Co. KGaA, Allison Transmission Inc., MAN Truck And Bus AG, Daimler AG, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, SKF, Cardan Shaft India, WABCO, Eaton, VE Commercial Vehicles Limited, RSB Group

** List of companies mentioned may vary in final report subject to name change / merger etc.

2) What will the market size be in 2028 and what will the growth rate be?

In 2019, the global bus transmission systems market size was USD xx million and it is expected to reach USD xx million by the end of 2028, with a CAGR of xx% in 2019-2028.

3) What are the applications and types of market:

The study is segmented by the following product type: [Type]

The main end user applications / industries are: [Application]

** The market is evaluated based on the Weighted Average Selling Price (WASP) and includes all applicable taxes to manufacturers. All currency conversions used in creating this report have been calculated using constant 2019 average annual exchange rates.

To primarily understand the global bus transmission systems market dynamics around the world, the global bus transmission systems market is analyzed into major regions. The JCMR also provides customized reports at the regional and national level for the following areas.

• North America: United States, Canada and Mexico.

• South and Central America: Argentina, Chile and Brazil.

• Middle East & Africa: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Egypt and South Africa.

• Europe: United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Russia.

• Asia-Pacific: India, China, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Singapore and Australia.

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Competitive analysis:

The main players are strongly focusing on innovation in production technologies to improve efficiency and shelf life. The best long-term growth opportunities for this industry can be seized by ensuring continuous process improvements and financial flexibility to invest in optimal strategies. Company profile section of players such as AISIN SEIKI Co. Ltd., Voith GmbH And Co. KGaA, Allison Transmission Inc., MAN Truck And Bus AG, Daimler AG, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, SKF, Cardan Shaft India, WABCO, Eaton, VE Commercial Vehicles Limited, RSB Group includes its basic information such as legal name, website, registered office, market position, history and top 10 closest competitors by market capitalization / number of people. business, as well as contact information. The revenue figures, growth rate and gross profit margin of each player / manufacturer are provided in an easy to understand table form for the past 5 years and a separate section on recent developments such as mergers, acquisitions or any. new product / service launch including SWOT analysis of each key player. etc.

Research Parameter / Research Methodology

Primary research:

Primary sources involve experts in the bus transmission system industry including management organizations, processing organizations, industry value chain analysis service providers. All primary sources were interviewed to collect and authenticate qualitative and quantitative information and determine future prospects.

In the broad primary research process undertaken for this study, the main sources – industry experts such as CEOs, VPs, Chief Marketing Officer, CTOs and Innovation Directors, founders and associated key executives of various companies and key organizations in the global bio-waste containers in the industry were interviewed to obtain and verify the qualitative and quantitative aspects of this research study.

Secondary research:

In high school, research crucial information on industries value chain, total pool of key players, and application areas. He has also helped segment the market based on industry trends down to the lowest level, geographies, and key developments from a market and technology perspective.

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In this study, the years considered to estimate the market size of Bus Transmission System are as follows:

Year of history: 2013-2018

Baseline year: 2019

Estimated year: 2020

Forecast year 2020 to 2028

Key players in the global bus transmission systems market:

Bus transmission system manufacturers

Bus transport network distributors / traders / wholesalers

Bus transmission system subcomponents manufacturers

Industry association

Downstream suppliers

** Actual figures and in-depth analysis, business opportunities, market size estimate available in the full report.

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Chipotle is cautious but candid about price increases https://piazzacarlogiuliani.org/chipotle-is-cautious-but-candid-about-price-increases/ https://piazzacarlogiuliani.org/chipotle-is-cautious-but-candid-about-price-increases/#respond Fri, 11 Jun 2021 01:37:42 +0000 https://piazzacarlogiuliani.org/chipotle-is-cautious-but-candid-about-price-increases/

Even the price of burritos has to keep up with the needs of the times, it seems. This is the reality as this week draws to a close, and the news of ChipotlePrice hikes have started to do the trick.

“We would really prefer not to [raise prices]”, CEO of Chipotle Brian Niccol told the Baird Global Consumer, Technology and Services on Tuesday Conference. “But it made sense in this scenario to invest in our people and staff these restaurants and make sure we have the pipeline of people to support our growth.”

Chipotle is in the midst of a hiring press – looking to recruit 20,000 more employees in a tight job market in general and the restaurant industry in particular. Unemployment in the restaurant segment remains at 9 percent, well above the US average of 5.8 percent. Chipotle moved to increase his salaries at a range of $ 11 to $ 18 an hour, as it appears to be avoiding the industry’s hiring crisis. And Chipotle, in particular, isn’t alone in raising employee wages in the quick-service restaurant (QSR) space. In May, McDonald’s announced that it was increasing the hourly wages of its current employees by 10% and that entry wages ranged from $ 11 to $ 17 depending on the location of the restaurant.

And while Chipotle is open to price increases – around 4% – executives were quick to downplay its effect, noting that the cost of their chicken burrito remains below $ 8 in almost all markets and the increases that most of consumers will face will amount to quarters and pennies.

Will the wage woes equalize so that the price increases will stop?

Well, the good news for restaurateurs is that the incredible work pressures they are under may be showing signs of slowing down. The US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported last week that a third of all job growth reported in May (559,000) was from food services and drinking places – aka restaurants and bars – accounting for some 186,000 new jobs. The 10.8 million jobs in the category at the end of May marked an increase of 2 percent month-over-month and 38 percent from a year ago. Workers are coming back to restaurant business, not as fast as restaurant owners might like, but they are coming back.

This isn’t a complete reversal – the segment’s 1.5 million jobs are still 12% below pre-pandemic figures. But the problem is stabilizing, especially for QSRs. The crux of the problem lies in the full-service segment of the industry: sit-down dining establishments are down 14% and buffets down 52%, compared to QSRs and cafes which are also down. , but less than 5% respectively.

“The pandemic has changed us”, David Litchman, founder of the contactless ordering platform BellyMelly, told PYMNTS in a recent interview. “We are all careful with what we touch, what we breathe and what we do. So anything that promotes a contactless environment will be a successful strategy for most businesses. “

Depending on how you define success. The new consumer affection for contactless environments has resulted in an explosion of delivery aggregators. Aggregators are a bit of a double-edged sword for restaurateurs – they definitely attract consumers who use them as discovery platforms. However, new customers come at a high cost of a 30 percent reduction. Delivery platforms like Uber Eats and DoorDash take over on every order, reducing profitability in a business where profit margins have historically been low.

This means that while the slowdown in hiring is likely to end in the next few months, as workers are increasingly comfortable and under financial pressure to return to the workplace, prices are unlikely to drop. . In fact, we’re betting more price hikes are on the way, although not as readily accepted as Chipotle admitted this week.



About the study: U.S. consumers see cryptocurrency as more than just a store of value: 46 million plans say they plan to use it to make payments for everything from financial services to groceries. In the Cryptocurrency Payments Report, PYMNTS surveys 8,008 cryptocurrency users and non-users in the United States to examine how they plan to use crypto to make purchases, what crypto they plan to buy. ‘use – and how merchant acceptance can influence merchant choice and consumer spending.

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Impact launches WA nickel-PGE exploration https://piazzacarlogiuliani.org/impact-launches-wa-nickel-pge-exploration/ https://piazzacarlogiuliani.org/impact-launches-wa-nickel-pge-exploration/#respond Thu, 10 Jun 2021 06:37:40 +0000 https://piazzacarlogiuliani.org/impact-launches-wa-nickel-pge-exploration/

Impact Minerals embarks on its WA nickel hunt, with the company identifying a multitude of targets in the potential southwestern mineral field and embarking on an extensive surface sampling program on its key projects. The impact controls over 1900 km² of land between Northam and Corrigin, east of Perth, which is believed to harbor a number of Julimar-style nickel-PGE targets.

The company’s review of the WA regional geophysical database revealed that mafic-ultramafic stratigraphy in the Southwest region is likely to be much more widespread than previously thought. Based on this work, Impact has already identified 17 priority nickel-PGE targets. These targets extend over 100 km in direction and lie on or adjacent to the same regional trend that hosts Chalice Mining’s nickel-PGE Julimar discovery in the north.

Impact’s first pass exploration will include roadside sampling through the various targets, with soil samples to be taken at 100m spacings. Initial estimates indicate that the program will cover around 80 linear kilometers and produce more than 800 samples.

The goal of the reconnaissance program is to produce areas of coincident geophysical and geochemical anomalies which can then be followed by close soil and auger sampling which could lead to drill testing.

The priority target of the impact is currently the Beau prospect, east of York, which has been identified as a potential mafic-ultramafic intrusion that extends over 3 km in direction and shows marked geophysical similarities with the ‘Gonneville de Chalice intrusion to the north, according to management.

The company’s property in Beau is 16 km north of its main property in Arkun, with field work indicating that the intrusive target has minimal surface expression and is covered with a soil veneer. Management says there appears to have been no previous exploration of the land.

Beau and Arkun are approximately 130 km southeast of Perth. Impact’s collection of contiguous exploration concessions at the two sites covers an expanse of what appears to be previously unrecognized Archean stratigraphy.

The company’s extensive land ownership holds promise for gold, nickel, cobalt, platinum group elements or “PGEs” and kaolin-halloysite, but it has a strong focus in the region on the nickel-space. PGE.

Impact’s entry into the emerging Southwestern mineral terrane follows several high-profile nickel discoveries in the region in recent years. The first cab in the row was the Quicksilver nickel discovery south of Hyden in 2017 which propelled the ASX-listed Golden Mile share price from 13c to over $ 1 in a matter of weeks. Then came Chalice’s Julimar Nickel-PGE discovery in early 2020 that put a rocket under the company: it was trading at a modest 14c before the discovery and now has a share price of $ 8.60 and a market cap. stock market of nearly $ 3 billion – a performance any listed company would be happy to emulate.

By staking out its claims to the southwest, the Impact team established that Julimar was at the northwestern end of a regionally-wide “moving belt” that stretches over 500 km. southeast of the find and is up to 30 km wide. The company then proceeded to target key geophysical targets along this belt, which resulted in the anchoring of the Arkun project in May 2020.

Perhaps the best endorsement of the company’s strategy in the South West is the entry of one of the major global mining players Anglo American into the region following Impact’s anchoring. Anglo American has requested an incredible 10,130 km² between York and Corrigin in the Wheat Belt – surrounding Impact’s holdings on three sides.

Interestingly, Julimar’s nickel-PGE discovery and Anglo American regional entry confirmed what a small clique of geologists has long believed, namely that the Southwest Terrane contains a rich endowment of metals to dig up.

It may soon become the newest nickel province in Washington State.

Having done more homework than most, Impact is among the first in a race to find potential Julimar look-alikes.

Is Your ASX Listed Company Doing Something Interesting? Contact: matt.birney@businessnews.com.au

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Leading Chinese Engineering Company Offers Work and Investment to TAIF – RealnoeVremya.com https://piazzacarlogiuliani.org/leading-chinese-engineering-company-offers-work-and-investment-to-taif-realnoevremya-com/ https://piazzacarlogiuliani.org/leading-chinese-engineering-company-offers-work-and-investment-to-taif-realnoevremya-com/#respond Thu, 10 Jun 2021 06:00:00 +0000 https://piazzacarlogiuliani.org/leading-chinese-engineering-company-offers-work-and-investment-to-taif-realnoevremya-com/

Meeting of TAIF JSC Leadership and CC7 Chairman Long Haiyang of China Held in Kazan

Photo: Roman Khasaev

The possible participation of the leading Chinese engineering company in the field of petrochemicals and petroleum refining – China National Chemical Engineering & Construction Corporation Seven, Ltd (CC7) in the implementation of two development projects of the TAIF group has was discussed at a recent meeting in Kazan. CC7 Chairman Long Haiyang paid a working visit to TAIF JSC head office, where he met the management of the parent company of TAIF group. Read the details in Realnoe Vremya’s material.

Cooperation prospects

This is not the first visit to the head office of the parent company of TAIF group for Mr. Long Haiyang. He was here when China National Chemical Engineering Group Corporation Ltd. (CNCEC) – one of the largest EPC contractors in the petrochemical industry and the parent company of the holding company, which includes CC7, was working in Tatarstan (Mendeleyevsk) on the implementation of the construction project of the ammonia complex. The project was implemented under the personal supervision of the President of Tatarstan, Rustam Minnikhanov, and is now operating successfully.

This is not the first visit to the TAIF Group for the president of CC7. Photo: Roman Khasaev

Already then, the two groups were studying each other’s capacities and prospects for cooperation. Now they’ve returned to the dialogue that had been interrupted for some time. The meeting was also attended by Ramil Mavlyutov, Managing Director of Tatarstan Trade House (Turkey) and Tatarstan Trading House PLC (Iran).

On behalf of TAIF JSC and the Group as a whole, the meeting was chaired by Albert Shigabutdinov, Chairman of the Board, Senior Development Advisor to the CEO of TAIF. The negotiations were also attended by the Director General of TAIF JSC Ruslan Shigabutdinov and others.

The management of TAIF JSC and CC7 discussed a possible cooperation. Photo: Roman Khasaev

During the presentation of the parties, the guest felt it necessary to inform that in Chinese, his name – “long”, means “Dragon”. Then an interesting point was found: it turned out that there were three dragons at the negotiating table at once: the symbol of the years in which Albert Shigabutdinov and Ruslan Shigabutdinov were born is also the dragon.

СС7: 12 years in Russia

The staff is around 8,000 specialists, 4 projects implemented and 4 others – ongoing. Among the Russian customers of Chinese services CC7, besides the ammonia chemical complex in Mendeleyevsk – ZapSibNeftekhim of Sibur, the Afipka refinery, the Omsk oil refinery, the Omsk lubricants plant, the unit of Lukoil’s Kstovo delayed coking, RusGasDobycha Baltic gas chemical complex and a number of other companies. Work experience in Russia deserves attention and respect. Therefore, TAIF responded to the offer to meet and showed willingness to discuss possible cooperation. In addition, there are specific projects that the Tatarstan Group wishes to implement and expects profitable offers from potential entrepreneurs.

Albert Shigabutdinov announced 2 development projects of the TAIF group, which could be implemented by the Chinese company. Photo: Roman Khasaev

“There are two projects that might interest you. The first project concerns the production of carbon black. The planned capacity of the plant is 216,000 tonnes per year for raw materials. And we have the raw material for this production. The best in the world: pyrolysis resin resulting from the pyrolysis of naphtha from ethylene production units or pyrolysis. But we can consider the possibility of using other raw materials. We have information that you – in the People’s Republic of China – have a powerful center for the development and production of carbon black.

The second project is the production of methanol with a production capacity of 500,000 tonnes per year. In the future, we will use the products of this production as raw materials for the production of synthetic rubbers. You have experience in the implementation of such projects. The successful implementation of these projects will form a good basis for our future cooperation. The TAIF Group’s strategic development program has been drawn up in detail and adopted until 2030. The total cost of projects already implemented and planned amounts to more than 20 billion dollars. There is a lot of work to be done, and the partner-entrepreneurs who have proven their reliability and demonstrated their willingness to work quickly and efficiently, are valuable and important to TAIF ”, Albert Shigabutdinov very frankly stated the wishes of TAIF.

We are ready not only to build but also to invest

Mr. Long Haiyang arrived perfectly prepared for the meeting with the management of TAIF. In particular, he expressed the willingness of the Chinese side to take on all aspects of the project: acquiring a license for the technology, developing a basic and functional project, obtaining all approvals. and necessary permits, organizing the purchase of equipment, and completing the turnkey construction, calling, if necessary, on the expertise and services of other companies belonging to the CNCEC holding.

Mr. Long Haiyang said he was ready to co-invest in the project implemented by the TAIF Group. Photo: Roman Khasaev

CC7 also expressed another proposition:

“We can offer the following option: if the TAIF Group considers such an opportunity, we can jointly invest in certain projects. We have a fairly flexible cooperation system, ”said Mr. Long Haiyang.

“For the carbon black plant construction project, we are prepared to consider the possibility of attracting co-investor funds in the range of 15% to 49%. We intend to use the products of this production for our capabilities – the manufacture of rubber products (in particular, for a complex offer to the world’s leading tire manufacturers – Editor’s Note). This is during the implementation of the first step. Then the second stage – the production of the most marginal types of carbon black for paints, computers, etc. », Declared Albert Shigabutdinov. These types of products, among others, can be supplied to the Chinese market.

Albert Shigabutdinov surmised that the products of the new production of the TAIF group could be interesting for the Chinese market. Photo: Roman Khasaev

As for the production of methanol, its products will be fully involved in the production of synthetic rubbers of the Group itself, and the possibility of a participation in the capital in the implementation of this project by TAIF is not envisaged.

Prior to meeting with the management of TAIF JSC, Mr. Long Haiyang had worked on this issue in detail with major financial institutions in China.

Two major Chinese banks have declared their readiness to grant lines of credit for the implementation of TAIF projects. Photo: Roman Khasaev

Two leading banks in China, according to Mr. Long Haiyang: Bank of China Limited and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) have declared their willingness to extend lines of credit for up to 15 years and on terms of 15% of funds come from the construction customer, 85% – credit funds. CC7 is also ready to actively participate in the discussion of line of credit volume and interest rate, if necessary. One of the key conditions of the TAIF Group in terms of attracting borrowed funds is the involvement of international export credit agencies.

Deadline – until September

During the negotiations, the parties agreed to exchange the necessary information: CC7 will receive specific technical specifications for the two projects, and the TAIF group will have the opportunity to learn about the main points of the projects already implemented by the company. Chinese. By mid-summer, Tatarstan expects a detailed technical and commercial offer and, if the parties agree, they will likely start preparing the contract to be signed by early September.

If necessary, CC7 can involve up to 60,000 professionals to implement large-scale projects. Photo: Roman Khasaev

If necessary, the company is ready to involve up to 50,000 professionals from partner companies with which it has built solid professional relationships for a long time. In 2019, in the Kstovo and Omsk facilities alone, nearly 8,000 people worked for the Chinese company at the same time. Plus other items.

Everyone leaving China is already vaccinated against COVID-19

“Will there be issues with worker involvement, given COVID-19? »Ruslan Shigabutdinov, Managing Director of TAIF JSC, asked one of the most relevant questions for today.

Ruslan Shigabutdinov asked if the pandemic would affect the involvement of CC7 staff. Photo: Roman Khasaev

“We have not been affected by the pandemic,” Mr. Long Haiyang said immediately. He continued: “All employees of the company who have come to Russia since August last year are vaccinated. Including myself. In a few days, 6 charters will be arriving in Russia and there. facility which is being built by CC7 for GazpromNeft as well as in Kstovo for Lukoil. All arrivals are also vaccinated with one of the 5 state-approved vaccines in China. Now in China there are such requirements: everything the world traveling outside the country must be vaccinated. The government of the country has high demands for the safety and health of its citizens.

About 300 people, who were working on Russian territory before the pandemic and did not have time to leave before the epidemic cut off air traffic between the states, were vaccinated here in Russia, the government also said. president of CC7.

After discussing the main issues, the parties exchanged gifts and agreed to new meetings as soon as they were ready. The next one could take place as early as mid-summer, when the Chinese company will complete the development of commercial offers for the two projects.

By Arsène Favstritsky


TAIF JSC is the parent company of the TAIF Group. TAIF JSC was founded in August 1995 on the basis of the Kazan Foreign Trade Research and Production Association (founded in 1990).

TAIF Group includes the TAIF JSC Group, comprising 29 subsidiaries, and the TAIF Management Company JSC Group, comprising 11 subsidiaries. TAIF Group operates in many fields, the main ones being oil and gas processing, chemicals and petrochemicals, energy engineering, investment, building materials, media and other types of services. . The total number of TAIF Group employees is 39,700 people.

China National Chemical Engineering & Construction Corporation Seven, Ltd (СС7) is headquartered in Chengdu, Sichuan province.

CC7 is a subsidiary of China National Chemical Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (CNCEC), a large group of engineering and construction companies supervised by the Commission for Supervision and Administration of Assets Owned by the State Council of the RPC. The CNCEC is among the top 250 contractors in the world according to the US Engineering News Record and second in the global ranking of engineering and construction companies in the oil and gas industry.

CC7 is 11th on the list of the 100 largest international entrepreneurs and 1st in the petrochemical industry in a ranking published by the Ministry of Commerce of the PRC. The company has been present in Russia for more than 12 years, including eight large petrochemical projects, both of which have already been implemented and are ongoing.


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