Ex-Girl’s Day member Bang Min-ah is ready to move on, but don’t forget

Actor Bang Min-ah [AT9 FILM]

“I never want to erase the fact that I was in the girl group Girl’s Day, and I have no power to do that. If I erase that, there’s no part of me left.

When asked by Korea JoongAng Daily if she wanted her girl group member character forgotten, singer-turned-actor Bang Min-ah responded.

In 2019, the Girl’s Day members went their separate ways and each found new agencies to represent them, although they stressed that the group had not disbanded.

It was the start of Bang’s foray into acting. His most recent project is director Lee Woo-jung’s feature debut, “Snowball,” which hits local theaters on September 1.

In the film, the 28-year-old actor rewinds 10 years to play a high school student named Lee Kang-yi who faces the complexity of his relationships with his friends Ah-ram and So-young.

The film’s Korean name, which can be translated as “The Best Life,” is based on a novel of the same title which won the 4th Munhakdongne Novel Award in 2015, one of the country’s most prestigious literary awards.

Bang’s appearance can certainly pass for 18-year-old Kang-yi, but it was her hesitant gaze as she did her best to find the right answer to her friends’ unpredictable actions that earned her the Rising Star Award. at this year’s New York Asian. Film Festival which took place last week.

Actor Bang Min-ah portrays confused 18-year-old Kang-yi in upcoming movie "Snowball." [AT9 FILM]

Actor Bang Min-ah portrays 18-year-old Kang-yi confused in the upcoming “Snowball” movie. [AT9 FILM]

When Bang first read the script, she remembered the fears and mistakes she made as a teenager.

“I had a phase [just like Kang-yi] in my life, so when I read the script it was from her point of view, ”she said in the interview online Tuesday. “And [as I read it], all of these emotions swirled around me as I thought about the mistakes I had made. My heart sank for her. As much as I wanted to represent her, however, I thought about whether I was the better candidate – maybe there was someone else more capable. And I feared my image [as a girl group member] could affect Kang-yi’s mood or emotions.

Nonetheless, the actor felt that taking on the character could prepare her for more difficult roles in the future, and also allow her to overcome the pains of her past.

Actor Bang Min-ah [AT9 FILM]

Actor Bang Min-ah [AT9 FILM]

“Kang-yi is super sensitive to everything that’s going on around her,” Bang said, “as we all are at some point in our lives. Representing her meant I had to reopen my own wounds and relive my memories of regret Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night thinking about them I started this journey wondering if I could finally close this chapter of my life.

While the actor didn’t specifically delve into his personal pains, she did explain why she was so close to Kang-yi.

“I thought I forgot the painful memories of my school years, but I haven’t,” Bang said. “As a teenager, we are greatly influenced by our friends down to the smallest details of our lives. For example, imagine your friend who you always go to the bathroom with suddenly starts dating someone else during that 10-minute break. This complexity of emotions that one feels as a result of such events crept into me as I prepared to portray Kang-yi.

“For me, I survived my school years trying to be on the good side of bullies,” she said. “When you look at the relationship between the trio, Kang-yi is the weakest of them all. I was like her. I knew I was a weakling, and my survival tactics sucked them in. For example, if they forgot. to bring sports clothes, I would willingly lend them mine, or if they forgot to bring their books, I would borrow one from my friends in other classes to lend them.

But the actor confessed that she didn’t fully understand all of the motives behind her character’s actions.

“While I was making this film, the question remained: why did she keep running away from home? Bang said. “Although his family is far from well off, it’s not like they don’t love him. She did not suffer from domestic violence and was under no pressure from them.

Scenes from the film.  Kang-yi and his friends continue to flee their homes. [AT9 FILM]

Scenes from the film. Kang-yi and his friends continue to flee their homes. [AT9 FILM]

“It was about a year after the end of the shoot that a thought occurred to me: was it suffocating by its banality? Or to be placed within this limit of being average? As I mulled over my revelation, I became more careful using words like “ordinary” or “normal”. I suddenly became very aware of whether we were placing ourselves inside or outside this limit of normality set by society. For example, social prejudices impose an invisible pressure that families have to love and get along with each other when there are so many different forms of family and people. I think Kang-yi felt suffocated by this set of social norms, and that’s why she ran away.

Although Bang has sought to find a solution through Kang-yi, her 10 years as a singer on Girl’s Day is still a part of her.

Actor Bang Min-ah [AT9 FILM]

Actor Bang Min-ah [AT9 FILM]

“[The members] are my colleagues, my friends, my unforgettable family, ”she said. “Sometimes people ask me if I’m worried that my time as a member of a girl’s group will earn me the label of a [incompetent] actor. I am sad that they see this part of my life negatively. Girl’s Day was and is the foundation for everything I do. If I am given the opportunity, I would like us to meet and sing on stage. We still share various parts of our lives together, the four of us. When one of us starts a new project, we like to get together to talk about it. Due to the pandemic, however, we were not able to meet as much as we wanted, but we do share all the good news that reaches us. The members were very happy for me [that I received an award]. ”

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