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Monday, April 4, 2022

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More than smart, a community-driven technology adoption and usage model

Around a third of smart city projects fail and around 80% of prototypes fail to scale and achieve the desired reach.(1) Poorly implemented smart city investments undermine citizen trust and can have consequences significant economic and social. US Ignite’s Fostering Civic Trust Guide offers a trust ecosystem that puts people at the heart of the smart city movement by focusing on five policy areas: (i) Data Governance; (ii) Cybersecurity; (iii) Confidentiality; (iv) Community engagement; and (v) Equity.

The Discovery Park District (DPD) Connected Community is partnering with US Ignite and XQ Message to develop governance models and policies to govern its digital environment to foster digital trust. The effort will build on the trust framework introduced in US Ignite’s Fostering Civic Trust guide by adding the sixth policy area – sustainability – to understand how DPD can meet its economic, social and environmental needs now and in the future. to come up.

Source: Modified from US Ignite’s Civic Trust Guide

The strategic framework:

  1. oversee the deployment of smart technologies in the neighborhood to improve the quality of life of residents,
  2. propose guidelines for the ethical collection and use of data for commercial and research purposes,
  3. allow citizens of the community to have more agency and control over their digital identity, and
  4. serve as an example to communities around the world who are trying to balance smart technological innovation with the values ​​of the communities in which this technology exists.

Individuals and businesses located in the district will participate in the development and management framework to ensure secure, ethical and transparent use of data that will support technology adoption and scalability beyond DPD.

Deliberately creating a management and policy framework focused on the six domains can help smart cities successfully balance the deployment of smart technologies and reliable innovation. Innovation Partners Institute (IPI) will publish its lessons learned and experiences from the actual implementation and management of its data policy and governance framework to help other smart communities build their governance and policy structures .

Because this initiative will uncover a wealth of facts, insights, and analysis, the Innovation Partners Institute will launch a blog series titled “[email protected]to share results as they emerge throughout the process. These articles will be available at

Further information on the Digital Trust Initiative is available online.


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