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BERKELEY COUNTY, West Virginia (WDVM) – Questions are being raised over campaign expenses recorded for West Virginia 2nd District congressman Alex Mooney (R), who is seeking re-election this fall.

Mooney was re-elected from the district stretching from the eastern panhandle of West Virginia in the southwest to the banks of the Ohio River. But his campaign finance report shows thousands of dollars in spending for foreign airlines, Turkish Airlines and Air Portugal. We contacted the congressman and were told that Mooney attended a transatlantic religious conference. Not your typical campaign expenses: advertising, literature, garden signs….

“Any sort of confusion about this is going to lead to mistrust among voters in West Virginia,” said Aneesh Sompalli, Democratic President of Berkeley County.

But dig deeper into Mooney’s records and there are week-long Thanksgiving trips to California, where, according to official records filed with the Clerk of the House, Mooney’s wife Grace is affiliated with a care group. health care center based in the Golden State. All Democratic Berkeley County President Sompalli wants is transparency.

“We need them to show, these are the expenses, this is what they were spent on and we have the documentation to prove it,” Sompalli explains.

WDVM-TV reached out to Congressman Mooney for the elaboration, but his office limited its response to email.

Congressman Mooney’s challenger, Democrat energy policy scholar Cathy Kunkel, doesn’t take money from PAC companies.

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