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LONDON, September 23, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Chief Operating Officer of Centric Tommy Boucher announced that Centric has partnered with Tourvest Travel Services (TTS), a business travel company based in South Africa. Centric will assist TTS in integrating transactions into Centric, Centric Swap (CNS) and Centric Rise (CNR) cryptocurrencies.

Butcher said: “We are honored that Tourvest Travel Services has chosen Centric as their cryptocurrency partner. We look forward to assisting the team with a Centric integration strategy, possibly including our next CenPay merchant services solution.

Sholtz Fourie, CFO of TTS, said: “As a travel innovator, Tourvest Travel Services was looking to use cryptocurrency to add to our range of payment options used to transact with our client companies and partners. After exploring the options, we came across Centric. We are impressed with Centric’s plan to create a global digital currency and provide the stability crypto needs so badly. “

Tourvest, the parent company of TTS, started in 1997 with the incorporation of a number of long-established tourism businesses. They own and operate South Africa largest vacation site, Travel.co.za.

Learn more about Centric – https://www.centric.com

Learn more about Tourvest Travel Services – https://www.tourvesttravelservices.co.za

About Centric

Centric was designed with the vision of one day replacing traditional fiat currencies. Blockchain technology will enable a more transparent world and we believe our innovative approach to achieving long-term widespread adoption sets Centric apart from other cryptocurrencies today.

We believe the biggest barrier to mass adoption of cryptocurrencies is price volatility. Cryptocurrencies, unlike fiat currencies, do not have a central bank to implement a monetary policy focused on stabilizing purchasing power. Thus, variations in demand induce massive price fluctuations. The decentralized model of price discovery has made most of the existing cryptocurrencies nothing more than stocks or commodities, psychologically valued, traded on unregulated stock markets and susceptible to manipulation. The lack of price stability has prevented the formation of credit and debt markets because volatility carries a premium.

While the rest of the industry is focused on transaction throughput and smart contracts, our focus is on solving price stability to realize the economic capabilities that blockchain enables.

About Tourvest Travel Services

Thanks to respected brands and a global infrastructure, Tourvest Travel Services (TTS) is able to provide tailor-made and flexible solutions to meet the needs of business travel management, whether through traditional operations. or more profitable online procurement systems. Sophisticated online travel management tools help monitor travel policy compliance and provide big data to ensure customers are always getting the best value for their spending. Constant measurement and monitoring of service levels ensures that the service provided is of the highest standard.

Media contact

Tommy Boucher, Centric, 1 800 369 3701, [email protected]


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