Financial – Piazza Carlo Giuliani Fri, 03 Dec 2021 11:30:47 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Financial – Piazza Carlo Giuliani 32 32 South Boise ID Gold / Jewelery Secured Loans 2022 Pawn Shops New Tagline Released Fri, 03 Dec 2021 11:30:47 +0000

Idaho Pawn and Gold (208-487-8003), offering quick item-backed loans to customers in South Boise and surrounding areas including Nampa, Middleton, Parma, Eagle and Boise Beach, announced a new tagline, “The Lending Store – A new way to pawn.

The new tagline represents the company’s focus on building relationships within the surrounding community by providing safety net loans to families facing sudden financial emergencies. Their goal is to make the pawn shop process as easy as possible.

More information can be found at:

This latest announcement is based on the company’s belief that close relationships with customers set them apart from other pawn shops, real estate buyers, and gold and silver bullion dealers. The company claims to be one of the most flexible object-backed lenders in the region, offering a minimum repayment period of 40 days and a maximum repayment period of 10 years.

A representative from Idaho Pawn & Gold explained that their loans generally end up costing less than bank overdraft fees, utility reconnection fees, or credit card late fees. They explained that item backed loans are important for people who need quick loans but want to avoid a negative impact on their credit score.

The company also noted that many people have small, valuable items in their homes, and when people have to pay unexpected bills, using those items for cash can be a smart and practical decision.

Idaho Pawn & Gold has experts and resources on hand to perform all inspections and assessments in the store, in front of the customer. For this reason, they are able to offer the highest value for a variety of items including gold, jewelry, coins, luxury watches, musical instruments and much more. . It is one of the only pawn shops in the region to handle luxury watch transactions, accepting Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Rolex, Hublot, Vacheron-Constantin, Richard Mille, IWC, etc.

Idaho Pawn & Gold intends to create a ‘new way to pawn’ for residents of the Boise, Meridian and Nampa areas due to their impeccable attention to detail, exceptional customer service and lending practices. transparent, article-based.

One client shared, “Really the best place to get a quick loan. The staff are very knowledgeable and I was impressed with their warm and confidential customer service.

To learn more about Idaho Pawn and Gold services, visit

Contact information:
Name: Sam Lecture
E-mail: Send an email
Organization: Idaho Pawn & Gold
Address: 10250 West Fairview Avenue, Boise, Idaho 83704, USA
Phone: + 1-208-615-8714

Version number: 89055324

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How is the average person doing financially? – The next Sun, 21 Nov 2021 08:00:00 +0000

How is the average person doing financially?

November 21, 2021


More than 5,000 people in the UK were recently asked about what they thought about money. 48% of people said they worry about money at least once a week, and for 16% of the population, money is a daily concern. One of the best ways to overcome financial worries is to talk about it and get help and advice in the right places. Yet in the survey, 52% of people said they really have a hard time talking openly about money. Whether it’s savings, investing or credit cards, the outlook is good for the average UK person, and there are plenty of ways to get the help you need and get the most out of it. party of your money.

To save money

According to research by The Money Charity, the average person in the UK saved £ 6,756. Figures vary across the country, but the average Londoner has £ 28,978 in savings. UK residents save an average of £ 105 per month. This money is kept for emergencies or to finance something important like a house or a car. The right savings account, the right bond, or the ISA can really make a difference for those trying to save, and you can shop around for the best interest rates. These are often found not with the big banks, but rather with online banking service providers specializing in savings accounts.

Loans and Credit Cards

The Money Charity has found that the UK’s average debt is £ 33,006 per person, which includes mortgages, loans and credit cards. However, it is important to consider that not all debt is negative. Having a loan or credit card and paying it off regularly each month can help build a credit score and improve your score. A loan can be quick and easy to take out online, although there are always risks to consider. Sites that advertise products such as quick loans in UK provide a means of obtaining the necessary funds quickly. 80% of adults have loans and credit cards, and it is a relatively normal way to finance purchases and meet daily household expenses, and provided that the repayments are made on time each month (otherwise, this type of loan can quickly become a problem).

To look forward

It has been predicted that interest rates are expected to rise next year. The Bank of England sets the base interest rates and this changes according to the rate of inflation. The average savings account has an interest rate of 0.1%, and it is expects it to increase at 0.25% and possibly up to 0.5%. This is great news for anyone trying to save for something important. There has actually been an 8.4% decrease in the average credit card balance over the past year, so people are generally more aware of the level of debt they have and take financial responsibility. .

Things are getting better financially for the average person in the UK. Speaking of loans, credit cards and savings, one can get practical advice and also improve the prospects for money.

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Predatory Money Lending in Nigeria: Examining the Threat of Usurious Lending to Data Privacy Concerns – Privacy Fri, 19 Nov 2021 06:02:08 +0000

Nigeria: Predatory Money Lending in Nigeria: Examining the Threat of Usurious Lending to Data Privacy Concerns

To print this article, simply register or connect to

Money is essential to facilitate virtually everything, including financing the growth and development of businesses. To meet the needs and demand for money, lending has evolved with financial institutions, especially banks, offering large-scale credit facilities primarily for investments and related matters. This then expanded to include low-income people who wanted to buy essentials such as cars, refrigerators, televisions, generators, etc., and meet other personal needs. Eventually, cash lending evolved beyond line of credit loans to acquire consumer goods from manufacturers, homeowners, distributors or retailers for which payment was made in installments or deferred to a future date. .

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has put many Nigerians under economic pressure, forcing many to obtain personal loans from digital platforms offering unsecured loans. Because of this, individuals bowed to other means of survival, and some, unfortunately, got stuck in the network of predatory money-lending applications. These fraudulent and predatory digital loan apps lurk like platforms where you can access fast unsecured loans. However, they require a plethora of data such as the applicant’s Bank Verification Number (BVN), name, permission to take photos and video recordings, access to location, contacts, media and to files on devices.

This article will cover money lending and loan sharking and money lending regulation in Nigeria, especially as it relates to digital money lenders. The article will also assess the position of the data privacy law, analyze data privacy issues vis-à-vis the threat of predatory lending, and give recommendations on how to achieve a balance in the lending process. ‘money lending space.

Get full information

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide on the subject. Specialist advice should be sought regarding your particular situation.

POPULAR POSTS ON: Nigeria Privacy

Introduction of the Data Protection Act 2020 to the DIFC

Nexdigm Private Limited

Faced with growing concerns about the free flow of personal data and the minimum rights in place to protect the flow of data, a number of countries have developed their own data protection laws.

New UAE Project 50 Data Law

BSA Ahmad Bin Hezeem & Associates LLP

The UAE is celebrating its Golden Jubilee (50 years as a unified nation) and the “50 Projects” initiative is a series of social and economic development projects that the UAE will announce to celebrate this milestone.

DIFC Data Protection Act, 2020

STA law firm

Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), released DIFC Law Number 5 of 2020, a new Data Protection Law (“DPL”)

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7 of the biggest financial failures you can make Thu, 18 Nov 2021 01:25:22 +0000

1. Get caught by fast lenders

Like a carrot hanging down on those who need money quickly (…). Quick loans are just that – lenders who offer fast execution cash loans that are supposed to be for a “short term” period of say one month. And, with fees of up to 400%, it’s one of the most expensive loans you can get.

So how do these loan sharks get away with a squirrel grabbing your nuts?

They attract people because they are quick and convenient, but they often fail to check affordability and make repayments unaffordable – so the borrower is trapped. Paying off a loan is hard enough, let alone with such outrageous fees on top of what you’ve borrowed. And, the more you borrow, the worse off you’ll be.

Discover ways to avoid getting caught by a squirrel If they have already sunk their teeth, call the National Debt Helpline on 1800 007 007 to find ways to relieve the pressure – pronto.

2. Being aspired to “own now pay later”

“Take advantage now… and pay later! It’s hard to resist the phenomenon of having everything you want now, even if you can’t afford it, and paying in the future. But many consumer advocates and personal finance experts say it’s a rapidly growing problem. And yes, payday loans are disastrous for your hip pocket, but don’t get sucked into other easy and consumable loans that are just as bad for debt.

3. Have multiple retirement accounts

Unfortunately, our superhero powers don’t increase with the number of super accounts we have – they decrease. In fact, having multiple retirement accounts is actually a pain in the hip pocket. The Productivity Commission estimates that about a third of superannuation accounts are unintentional, unwanted or unnecessary multiple accounts. And that, my friend, costs us about $ 2.6 billion a year in fees. Visit the ATO Where MonGov (you will need to create an account) to keep track of your super, consolidate your funds and find lost super accounts.

4.0% “honeymoon period” credit card balance transfer

Before you say “yes” and allocate your entire credit card balance to an enticing new card with 0% interest, be sure to read the fine print. According to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, 1 in 3 Australians actually increase their debt with the balance of a transfer. How do they? You transfer your entire credit card balance from one card (usually a different financial institution) to the new card and get 0% or low percentage interest rate charges during the promotional period ( honeymoon period). But you have to pay the balance within this time. If you don’t? You will be faced with often higher interest charges than other credit cards. There may also be other hidden charges and fees which also outweigh the benefits, such as daily and / or higher interest charges on new purchases made on the card, transfer fees, annual fees and more. And, one of the main issues is that people don’t cancel their original card. They therefore end up with two cards, two sets of fees and more credit available to accumulate…. more debt.

5. Get rich in quick drawings!

The Bitcoin and cryptocurrency boom, Karl Stefanovic’s alleged investment, the negative negative gear… if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There are more money scams than Nike Kobes in the NBL, so use your wits and do your due diligence. Check out these Investment warnings and scams before signing up for anything.

6. Late fees

Fill up on gas, electricity, credit cards, personal loans, phone bills… who has time for that ?! In fact, you will need to take the time. If you miss your monthly credit card payment or are late with your phone bill or other bills, these companies will charge you – unless you dispute it (and sometimes you will still be charged). The easiest way to get around these pitfalls is to set up direct debits (and make sure you have the money in the account to cover the bills); set up payment plans; shop for better phone / data / energy / appliance deals; request an extension or request a .

7. Free trial periods… for a limited time

We’ve all been drawn to these – the latest streaming service, the ‘free’ express mail-in, the new sports / social media / dating app… They draw you in with a 4 week free period (but you must provide your credit card details), then you will automatically charge after the trial period – unless of course you remember to cancel your membership at the end of the trial period. And who remembers doing that? Before you know it, you’ve got a collection of 20 domain names you don’t want, ad-free streaming music you never use, express mail insurance that you used once on Christmas and that you’ve been paying $ 9.95 every month since. Be careful, the trial periods can bite!

Need help? Visit the National Debt Helpline or call 1 800 007 007 to discover smart ways to reduce financial pressure today.

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Quick loans for SMEs – Gadget Tue, 16 Nov 2021 07:23:08 +0000


Fundrr offers one of the fastest turnaround times for corporate finance applications on the market. The application and registration process is completed online and in under eight minutes, with responses provided within 24 hours.

It offers loans to South African companies in all sectors, provided they have at least 6 months of history and a minimum income of R30,000 per month.

Fundrr uses technology and real-time data to assess companies seeking funding. It creates a more complete picture of a small business and its possibilities for growth. These various data entries produce a Fundrr score and quick loans are provided ranging from R20,000 to R5 million.

The repayment of the financing facility is primarily tied to the cash flow of the business. This way, Fundrr is able to provide a repayment frequency that will not be an additional charge. By using risk-based pricing, low-risk businesses can expect to pay lower rates.

“Even before the pandemic, one of the biggest challenges for small businesses was accessing finance,” says Idan Jaan, co-founder of Fundrr. “Banks prefer not to subscribe to small businesses. The amount of paperwork and long lead times prevent most small businesses from accessing the working capital they need. This became even more pronounced during shutdowns, as businesses were generally unable to access government grants. ”

Platform: And device with an up-to-date internet browser

Expect to pay: a free service but interest will be charged on loans

Resellers: visit the Fundrr page here for more information


Xago allows you to send money at a reasonable rate across borders.

Xago’s Xchange feature makes it possible to send and receive XRP (Ripple) cryptocurrency with the transaction appearing on the XRP Ledger in approximately 3.8 seconds, minimizing the risk of currency fluctuations.

In terms of security, the app leaves little to chance with its neuromorphic computer technologies that simulate human cognition, or the way the brain naturally and instinctively recognizes people. The result is a more secure and convenient customer experience when registering and logging in to transact on Xago’s platform.

Xago partners include Bequant, Bitmama, Paxful, Forex Varsity, Timeless Capital, and more are joining each month.

Platform: Android and iOS

Expect to pay: a free download

Resellers: visit Xago here for more information.

Engen 1app

In 2018, a BusinessTech survey of more than 7,000 people questioned showed that only 37% of motorists did not tip pump attendants.

Engen aims to change that with its new Tip an Attendant feature in the Engen 1app app. Ukheshe Technologies, Telkom and Engen have collaborated to create a QR code solution, which allows motorists to tip attendants and cashiers by scanning a QR code using their Engen. 1application or any payment app that supports Masterpass QR payments.

When a gasoline attendant’s QR code is scanned and a tip is given, it is automatically deposited into a Telkom Pay digital wallet. This digital wallet allows the attendant to withdraw money from Pick ‘n Pay or a CashExpress ATM, or purchase airtime, data and other VAS services. They can also purchase products from any merchant that supports QR code payments or any e-commerce store using a virtual card.

Petrol pump attendants and Quickshop cashiers will be assigned a personal QR code. After signing up for a Telkom Pay digital wallet via WhatsApp, they can start receiving tips from paying customers on the Engen 1 app.

Platform: Android and iOS

Expect to pay: a free download

Resellers: visit the Engen 1 app page here for more details

Huawei Apps UP Developer Contest

In this year’s Huawei Apps UP Developer Competition, five South African apps were named to the list of 20 regional finalists:

Cosmetic is an exercise and fitness app that focuses on creating personalized and personalized workouts based on the equipment (or lack thereof) an individual can access. Download the app here.

Droppa ensures that moving home or office is a more efficient process. This on-demand delivery service is designed for transporting office and household items and furniture, with a built-in delivery tracker. Download the app here.

Application K53 helps to pass its apprentices and driving licenses motorcycles and vehicles. The learning section has three parts; rules of the road, traffic signs and vehicle controls, providing information on each of them, as well as practical tests. Download the app here.

Secura is a security application that assists users when they are in danger or feel threatened. A panic button alerts the control center, which then sends an armed response unit to the phone’s GPS position. The app also offers a demand response service for medical emergencies. Download the app here.

UniAPS provides secondary school students in South Africa with a way to verify the diplomas and higher education courses to which they are eligible, based on the grades they achieved in their final year of study. This saves the students time, as they will not apply for courses for which they will not be accepted. It also eases the burden on the institutions, as they do not have to process such a large number of applications. Download the app here.

Platform: the applications are all available through the Huawei AppGallery

Expect to pay: all apps are free to download.

For info, play it safe

FYI, play it safe is an app for parents that notifies them when their child’s online interactions and social media activity show potential signs of cyberbullying, depression, chatting with online predators, or when ‘they engage in adult content. It is not a parental control app, but rather an extra layer of protection, which gives parents a chance to know when to talk with their children and what to talk about.

The app was previously only available on Android, but has since been developed for iPhone users and for those who want to monitor their child’s behavior through an internet browser.

FYI, play it safe was founded by parents of worried teens who don’t want to deprive children of the use of smartphones, but want to keep them as safe as possible in an online environment without invading their privacy.

Platform: Android, iOS and any other device with an up-to-date internet browser.

Expect to pay: The family package for up to four children costs Rand 1,200 per year.

Resellers: visit the FYI play it safe website here for more information about the app and download instructions.

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MyAutoloan 2021 auto loan review: is it reliable? Mon, 25 Oct 2021 19:00:00 +0000

MyAutoloan connects borrowers with a network of lenders to find new and used car loans as well as loan refinancing opportunities. If you have a FICO score of 575 or higher, you can get up to four loan offers in a matter of minutes at But is myAutoloan the best car financing service, or should you look for an alternative?

Our myAutoloan review takes a closer look at provider loan rates, loan terms, the application process, and customer reviews. We will help you decide if you should give the website a try or if you can find the best car loans elsewhere.

To go ahead and start comparing auto loan options, visit

In this article:


For over 15 years, has been helping car buyers find low interest loan deals. Based in Irving, Texas, the company offers a wide range of products and services, including new and used vehicle loans, as well as lease buyouts, refinance loans and personal loans.

MyAutoloan is owned by Horizon Digital Finance, LLC, which also owns and Advantages Disadvantages of
Offers Loans For Drivers With Low Credit Rating Not available in Alaska and Hawaii
Offers loans for private purchases Not available for drivers with credit scores below 575
Good reputation for customer service
and an A + rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

MyAutoloan loan details

Whether you get a new car loan, a refinance loan, or a personal loan, all myAutoloan products work the same. If approved, you receive a check for the loan amount and you can then apply it to the vehicle you want to buy or refinance.

Some lenders offer car buying services or require you to visit a specific dealership. MyAutoloan allows you to go to the dealership of your choice because they give you the money first.

Since connects customers to loan offers from a number of different lenders, some loan details may vary. There is a minimum loan amount of $ 5,000 for refinancing and a minimum loan of $ 8,000 for purchase loans and lease buy-out loans.

The other details of the loan are described in the table below. loan details
Loan amount range $ 5,000 to $ 8,000 minimum
term of the loan 24 to 84 months
Annual percentage rate (APR) 2.14 to 4.69% and more
Late payment fees Varies depending on the lender
Penalty for early repayment Varies depending on the lender

Interest rates can vary depending on the type of loan as well as the length of the loan. The chart above shows the lowest interest range available, but your rates may increase depending on your credit score. If you have a particularly strong credit rating, you may want to look to another provider that offers rates even below 2%.

To get a clear idea of ​​what your monthly payments might be, has an interest rate estimator and payment calculator on its website.

You can find the following loan products on

  • New car loan: Qualified applicants can get an offer and get financing within 24 hours to purchase a new car from any dealership.
  • Used car loan: This is a process similar to a loan for a new car. The car must be less than 100,000 miles and be 8 years or older.
  • Auto refinance loan: Get up to four deals, choose the best one, then get financing to refinance an existing car loan.
  • Ready for private party: You can get a loan to use for the purchase of a private car and come to the negotiating table with a check in hand.
  • Lease buyback: Get a loan to pay off what is owed on your current lease so that you can own the car.
  • Motorcycle loan: You can get loan offers for sports bikes, touring bikes, cruisers and more through myAutoloan.

Be aware that these loans have different APR ranges. For example, new auto loans start at 2.14% APR while personal loans start at 2.49% APR.

MyAutoloan also offers various loan calculators that you can use to estimate your interest rate, monthly payments, etc.

  • Interest rate estimator: Enter your loan amount, credit score range, and zip code to calculate an average interest rate.
  • Loan amount calculator: This shows your total amount paid based on your payment amount, APR, and loan term.
  • Payment amount calculator: This shows the payment amounts for different loan terms based on the principal amount and APR. loan application process

To apply for a loan through, you must complete a prequalification form, choose a loan offer and finalize the loan. The prequalification form asks for personal information, employment information, and loan information that you desire.

Be prepared with the following information:

  • Basic personal information (name, address, phone number)
  • Residence status and monthly housing payment
  • Employment status and income
  • Vehicle information (year, make, model, mileage, lien holder)

Be prepared to receive at least one firm credit request. MyAutoloan’s app uses flexible credit, but partner lenders can do a strict check on your credit. Multiple checks made within 30 days are usually counted as one request by the credit bureaus.

In order to finalize a loan, you may also need to download scans of the following documents:

  • Current driver’s license
  • Proof of auto insurance
  • Contact details for personal reference
  • Pay slip with cumulative income for the current year

After completing an online application form, will provide you with several loan offers. Final documents can be completed online, and borrowers can receive a certificate or check online within 24 hours. There is no application fee.

Will you be eligible for myAutoloan?

Drivers hoping to be approved for a loan from must be at least 18 years old and have no open bankruptcy. The other minimum requirements are described in the table below:

Eligibility conditions for borrowers from
Minimum credit score 575
Minimum income for loan refinancing $ 18,000 gross annual income
Minimum income for purchase loans $ 21,600 gross annual income
Minimum loan balance for refinancing $ 5,000

It’s always a good idea to try and increase your credit score a bit before getting a loan. Only borrowers with the best credit scores are eligible for the lowest advertised rates. MyAutoloan can work with people who have scores of 575 or higher. Although it does not specialize in bad credit auto loans, it does offer options for a wide variety of borrowers.

Below you can see the average APRs per credit score. This data comes from Experian’s second quarter 2021 State of the Auto Finance Market report. You can use this as a rough guide to the rates you would find on myAutoloan.

Credit score Average APR for new cars Average APR for used cars
781 to 850 2.34% 3.66%
661 to 780 3.48% 5.49%
601 to 660 6.61% 10.49%
501 to 600 11.03% 17.11%
300 to 500 14.59% 20.58%

Reviews and reputation of MyAutoloan

MyAutoloan’s BBB page has very few customer reviews and complaints, but the company is BBB accredited and has an A + rating.

Customers have given more reviews on Trustpilot, where the company is rated 4.3 out of 5.0 based on over 750 reviews. As with most auto loan providers, there is a mix of positive and negative customer reviews.

Customers have complained that performs rigorous credit checks, which can lower a person’s credit rating. An angry customer wrote:

“I’m not happy that about three different loan companies took my credit off after accepting a different offer. I will never recommend this site to anyone. My credit has dropped by almost 17 points.

– Allison M. via Trustpilot

Strict credit checks are common when applying for a loan, although using a loan consolidation site like could mean that more of these types of checks will be run simultaneously. positive reviews mention an easy and quick loan process. Many clients have reported receiving what they consider to be good loan offers. A satisfied customer wrote:

“I found [] very useful in finding my new finance company to refinance my vehicle. I am very satisfied with the result. My new business saves me over $ 200 per month on vehicle payments.

– Carol via Trustpilot

The advantage of a loan consolidation site like is that clients can be matched with a large number of loan offers with minimal paperwork.

Our opinion on myAutoloan: 4.0 stars

MyAutoloan offers standard loan matching service and above average customer service. It has a solid reputation with an A + rating from the BBB. Overall, we give 4.0 stars.

Engine Rating 1 4.0
Loan details 3.5
Loan availability 3.5
Application process 4.0
Customer service 4.0

For those with particularly low credit, it’s probably not worth filling out an application, as the company’s rigorous credit checks could further lower your score and you might not even be eligible for a loan anyway. .

Be sure to read our section on minimum qualifications before applying. If you have a particularly high credit score, we believe there are other companies that may offer higher rates. Of course, the only way to be sure is to fill out an inquiry and see what offers you get.

To compare auto loan offers, go to

FAQ: myAutoloan

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Under presidential decree, Indonesia is at war with online loan sharks Mon, 25 Oct 2021 09:03:32 +0000

As the Indonesian fintech ecosystem matures, criminals are also developing ways to do business in space. This has led to the victimization of unintentional users, and the problem is widespread. The IT ministry blocked 1,856 unlicensed fintech lending platforms in 2021 and nearly 4,900 illegal lending platforms since 2018. However, this has not slowed the proliferation of illicit lending apps that prey on Indonesians financially. vulnerable.

Online loan sharks operate by providing quick loans for small amounts, typically in the range of IDR 1-3 million ($ 70-210), with exorbitant penalties and interest rates well above the daily rate. maximum of 0.8% of the OJK. They access all the data on the borrower’s phone and abuse it to terrorize the borrower if they don’t pay off the debt. Debt collectors harass borrowers with threats of violence and humiliation, or say they will share personal photos and videos of borrowers, or even compromising images that are tampered with, with their contacts. Since 2019, OJK has received over 19,000 consumer complaints about illegal lenders.

This problem is so persistent that it has caught the attention of President Joko Widodo. On October 15, the president hold a meeting with the relevant authorities – the OJK Financial Services Authority, the Ministry of Informatics and the National Police Chief – and ordered them to take stronger action against illegal fintech companies that pose a threat to them. low income communities.

The president’s order led to a massive investigation into the activities of online loan sharks. During the past two weeks, the police raided and arrested dozens of employees of unlicensed lenders in numerous cities, including Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Surabaya. For example, during the raid from a company called Ant Information Consulting last week, police found pornographic photos that had been altered so that the individuals depicted looked like people who had taken out loans. An employee who was arrested said the photos were used as a tool of intimidation. The police are still looking for the owner of the business.

Bhima Yudhistira Adhinegara, director of the Center for Economic and Legal Studies (Celios), said the arrest of employees and debt collectors of illegal lenders was not enough to stop the practice. “Data from the Ministry of Informatics showed that 78% of illegal lenders operate using servers overseas, such as in China, the United States, or Singapore. I think international cooperation is necessary to eradicate illegal loans, ”he said. KrASIA.

Government and other stakeholders, including fintech companies, also need to develop ways to help consumers understand the ins and outs of online lending, as financial literacy is crucial when using of these services, Adhinegara added. “So far, public education efforts have not kept pace with illegal lenders who use SMS to market their products. The government should cooperate with telecommunications operators to provide regular and large-scale SMS warnings and education. “

In addition, the personal data protection bill must be passed as soon as possible, Adhinegara said, because many unregistered lenders illegally obtain data from potential customers.

As part of efforts to shut down online loan sharks in Indonesia, the government will also impose a moratorium on licensing fintech lenders. In this way, authorities can divert resources to eliminate illegal platforms. OJK revoked the licenses of dozens of fintech lenders this year. According to the most recent count that took place on October 6, there are 106 fintech loans registered and authorized platforms in the country, against 149 platforms that were on the list in December 2020.

Adhinegara approved the government’s plan to suspend new licenses for fintech lenders. “We already have too many players at the moment so it’s hard to supervise,” he said, indicating that the supervision process requires a significant budget and many resources from the OJK. Adhinegara expects fintech lenders to merge or be acquired by larger players. “At the end of the day, we may only have 20 or so platforms that survive and dominate the market,” he said.

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Spend now and give later Fri, 15 Oct 2021 15:50:43 +0000

What do Americans do when they need money to solve financial problems or just for big unforeseen purchases? They apply for installment loans and use them for all purposes. Unlike targeted loans, for example for home improvement, buying a car, in this case the bank does not require you to state what you need the money for. It will not ask for an expense report either.

But in order to get such a loan, you need to collect a number of documents. This is a prerequisite – this is how the lender assesses the reliability of the borrower. The bank itself determines what documents are needed, but there is a basic package. Let’s divide it into blocks: identification confirmation; proof of employment; confirmation of income – main and additional.

If you already have a loan or collateral, the bank may also request documents on your current obligations. The set of documents depends on the purpose of the loan and may differ from one bank to another. Americans who want to avoid the hassle of paperwork choose installment loans from direct lenders. Quick loan services provide instant cash online, even for those who cannot boast of having a great credit history.

What should you have to apply for an installment loan online?

To apply for a loan, you will need a passport of a US citizen with a registration mark. It is desirable that the recording be permanent. Not all lenders provide quick loans online to people with temporary registration. Lack of registration can also affect the terms of your loan – the bank will ask you to repay the debt before the temporary registration expires.

Most Americans say that if you are officially employed, you will need a copy of your employment record, certified by your employer. All pages must be copied and certified, even empty pages. With this, show a copy of the employment contract. You can also bring an extract from the workbook, but also certified by the employer. Individual entrepreneurs provide a copy of the registration certificate. Lawyers responsible for processing a loan bring a copy and the original of the attorney’s certificate, notaries – a copy and the original of the order on the appointment of a notary. If you are not officially employed, you can apply for instant loan online without credit check and enjoy the opportunity to get money fast.

To get a loan, the borrower can pledge real estate or a car. Supporting documents, on average, are prepared within 3-5 days, you need to take care of this in advance. You will need a registration certificate and / or a document with an indication of the owner. An evaluation report will also be required. This document is necessary to get an idea of ​​the property’s value and liquidity. A registration certificate is required for the car; in addition, a bank employee can apply for a vehicle registration certificate.

The documents listed above are the main when applying for instant same day loans with bad credit. But there are also additional documents that affect the lender’s decision. If you present them, then you can count on a larger amount or a reduced price. Some lending agencies may request the following documents, but they are seldom required for loan approval.

International passport. Bring the original and a copy of your passport if you have traveled abroad in the past year. This is an indirect confirmation of your creditworthiness.

Driver’s license and certificate of ownership of the car: in the event of money problems, the car can be sold and the debt covered.

Bank account / deposit statement. It won’t be superfluous to confirm how much you have in stock – that money can also be used to pay off the loan.

An extended package of documents is not always required. Some banks grant loans on 2-3 documents. An all-purpose loan of up to $ 5,000 can be obtained under two documents: a passport and proof of income from the main workplace. At the same time, clients who receive a salary under a wage agreement only need to provide a passport.

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Digital microfinance: five people arrested in Dhaka for electronic credit fraud Thu, 07 Oct 2021 13:06:43 +0000

Detectives destroy gang lending money at high interest rate through mobile phone apps

Police arrested five members of a gang of fraudsters who illegally lend money at high interest rates using unauthorized apps.

Those arrested are Emanuel Edward Gomez, Arifuzzaman, Shahinur Alam alias Rajib, Shubh Gomez and Md Akram.

Police seized a car, nine cell phones, nine SIM cards, four laptops and as many check books from various banks in their possession.

Additional Commissioner AKM Hafeez Akhter said in a media call on Thursday that detectives arrested them on October 5 and 6 in the Dhanmondi, Banani and Mirpur areas of Dhaka.

They have deceived their customers by using unauthorized personal loan apps like Cashman, Tkala, Personal Loans Online, RapidCash-Quick Online eLoans App, AmarCash-Personal Loans Online, Cashkash-Fast Loans Online and CashCash.

In addition, those arrested were operating financial institutions called Thunder Light Technology Limited, New Vision Fintech Limited and Basic Development Society without government approval.

The police chief also said the arrests were made following a case at Dhanmondi Police Station by a victim under the Digital Security Act (DSA).

Detective Cyber ​​and DB’s Special Crime Division are investigating the case, he added.

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DB stops five electronic credit frauds Thu, 07 Oct 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Detective Cyber ​​and Special Crime Division Arrested Five Members of a Gang of Fraudsters Who Lending Money Illegally at High Interest Rates Using Unauthorized Apps .

Those arrested are Emanuel Edward Gomez, Arifuzzaman, Shahinur Alam alias Rajib, Shubh Gomez and Md Akram.

A car, nine cell phones, nine SIM cards, 4 laptops and 4 check books from different banks were seized in their possession.

Additional Police Commissioner AKM Hafeez Akhter at a press briefing at the DMP media center on Thursday said detectives arrested them in Dhanmondi, Banani and Mirpur wards in Dhaka on October 5-6.

They have deceived their customers by using unauthorized personal loan apps like Cashman, Tkala, Personal Loans Online, RapidCash-Quick Online eLoans App, AmarCash-Personal Loans Online, Cashkash-Fast Loans Online and CashCash.

In addition, those arrested were operating financial institutions called Thunder Light Technology Limited, New Vision Fintech Limited and Basic Development Society without government approval, he said.

The arrests were made on the basis of a dossier at Dhanmondi police station by a victim under the digital security law, he added.

He said Cyber ​​Detective and DB’s Special Crime Division were investigating the case.

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