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Brookport’s regular board meeting went well on June 8 and ended in an hour. Invoices totaling $ 76,378.13 were approved for payment, which included the new police car and equipment.

The water supply system loan / grant drawdowns were $ 70,649.37 for Contractor # 11 payroll request and $ 10,399.50 for the technical observation invoice # 11. Change Order # 5, relating to two additional water meters and the removal of eight non-functioning hydrants, was approved for approximately $ 8,790.

City Clerk Lori Klotz reported raising $ 86,554.53, of which approximately $ 45,000 was in the general fund and the rest in the water fund.

Treasurer Alison Boyt was unable to give her report as she did not receive all the bank statements but expects to have them by the end of the week and reconcile them. She advises all board members to review the budget proposed by the budget committee to gain a thorough understanding of the allocation of funds expected by the July deadline. Auditors are expected to be in Brookport by the end of June.

Fire Chief Bill Copley has reported 112 strokes since the start of the year and six accidents in the past month. I-24 traffic backups seem to be part of the problem.

The board approved the donation of the 1982 Mac fire truck to the Cairo Auxiliary Fire Department. This truck had been donated to Brookport and was not used. Copley felt it would be best used by someone with a greater need.

There were no representatives from the police department to report, but the general consensus of council was that traffic on bridges should be better monitored. Semi-trailers always circulate on the bridge, regardless of size and weight restrictions. Since the bridge is considered the lifeblood of Brookport, large trucks should be discouraged. If tickets stop transgressions, then they must be written.

Speed ​​through town was another concern. Even residents should not be immune to the repercussions. Several council members expressed concern that a child would be hurt if people did not slow down.

Paul Driver from the maintenance department notices the start of the new hangar. The rain had slowed down the work, but the footers were hollowed out. Tractor electronics needed attention. In the meantime, the mowing of the flood walls was carried out with ordinary mowers.

Mayor Rance Phillips ended the meeting hoping that he could find a systematic way to approach the issues as he is still in the learning phase. Clearing the flood wall and street gutters tops his list and is among the most visual improvements.

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