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NEW YORK, May 26, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Atento SA (NYSE: ATTO), one of the top five providers of customer relationship and business process outsourcing (CRM / BPO) services in the world by revenue, and leader in Latin America, announces the launch of its Virtual Hub, the first command center aimed at optimizing operations in telework models. As a first step and using state of the art technology, the hub will enable the management of more than eighty thousand Work From Home Agents (WAHAs) supporting businesses across multiple industries.

The Virtual Hub has been designed to meet new customer demands as a complementary solution to the Atento @ Home solution. This remote working model has allowed Atento to shift more than half of its workforce to telecommuting during the pandemic, ensuring business continuity in a flexible and agile manner. As a result, the remote model increased productivity to 75.3%, up 1.3 percentage points from January 2020, at the same time increasing the level of employee satisfaction.

“Atento Virtual Hub is another step we are taking in the transformation of CX. Our clients will now have a single centralized point where they can manage all remote operations of the team as a whole, from recruiting and training agents to developing campaigns, all under strict security protocols managed in a manageable manner. agile with a holistic approach ”, said Carlos López-Abadía, CEO of Atento.

The solution, based on cloud technology, offers great flexibility, is not limited to a specific location and can be adapted to the operational needs of the customer in a minimum of time. In addition, any business, regardless of industry, can have a directly connected hub with offices around the world, achieving overall operational management.

Agent recruitment and hiring processes, for example, will be fully coordinated online from the virtual hub location using state-of-the-art technology and real-time operational management that includes supervision, tracking and reports for the various campaigns.

Safety first

Cyber ​​security has become a priority for businesses, and even more critical with the remote working model, as data breaches resulting from cyber attacks can cause significant damage to businesses. This is one of the biggest concerns of corporate security officials, who see external attacks, malware, and accidental email information leaks as the top vulnerabilities to be hardened in any organization.

With this in mind, Atento’s Virtual Hub will have biometric recognition, two-factor authentication, secure connection via VPN, information security checks, among other protocols, to ensure data protection. In addition to virtual security, the hub will feature high levels and physical security protocols such as facial recognition for entry and operational alarm screens.

Atento’s Virtual Hub was launched at a face-to-face and virtual corporate event, which brought together managers and customers from multiple countries. In this case, the company revealed that Mexico was chosen as the first country to offer this new management model.

About Atento

Atento is one of the world’s top five providers of customer relationship management and business process outsourcing (CRM / BPO) services and a leader in Latin America. Atento is also a leading provider of CRM / BPO services from NEARshoring for companies operating in United States. Since 1999, the company has developed its economic model in 13 countries and is present in Spain and a workforce of 150,000 employees. Atento has more than 400 clients to whom it provides a wide range of CRM / BPO services through multiple channels. Its clients are leading multinational companies in sectors such as technology, new digital companies, telecommunications, finance, healthcare, consumer and public administration, among others. Atento shares trade under the symbol ATTO on the New York Stock Exchange. In 2019, Atento was recognized by Great Place to Work® as one of the 25 Best Multinationals to Work in the World and as one of the 25 Best Multinationals to Work for. Latin America. For more information

Forward-looking statements

This press release contains forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements can be identified by the use of words such as “may”, “should”, “expects”, “anticipates”, “anticipates”, “believes”, “estimates”, “predicts”, “a intention ”,“ continue ”or similar terminology. These statements reflect Atento’s current expectations only and are not guarantees of future performance or results. These statements are subject to risks and uncertainties which could cause actual results to differ materially from those contained in forward-looking statements. In particular, the COVID-19 pandemic and the extraordinary measures taken by governments to limit the spread of the virus are disrupting Atento’s global economy and industry, and consequently adversely affecting business, operating results and flows. cash flow and, depending on recent, uncertain and rapidly changing conditions, it is difficult to predict the magnitude of the impact the pandemic will have. Risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to, competition in Atento’s highly competitive industries; increases in the cost of voice and data services or significant interruptions to such services; Atento’s ability to keep pace with its customers’ needs for rapid technological change and system availability; the continued deployment and adoption of emerging technologies; the loss, financial hardship or bankruptcy of any key customer; the effects of global economic trends on the activities of Atento customers; the non-exclusive nature of Atento’s customer contracts and the absence of turnover commitments; breaches of the security and privacy of the systems Atento uses to protect personal data; the cost of current and future litigation; the cost of defending Atento against intellectual property infringement claims; extensive regulation affecting many Atento businesses; Atento’s ability to protect its proprietary information or technology; interruptions in service to Atento’s data centers and operations; Atento’s ability to retain key personnel and attract a sufficient number of qualified employees; increased labor costs and turnover rates; political, economic and other conditions in the countries where Atento operates; changes in exchange rates; Atento’s ability to make future acquisitions and to integrate or achieve the objectives of its recent and future acquisitions; future impairments of our significant goodwill, intangible assets or other long-lived assets; and Atento’s ability to collect consumer debts on behalf of its customers. In addition, Atento is subject to risks linked to its level of indebtedness. These risks include Atento’s ability to generate sufficient liquidity to service its debt and fund its other liquidity needs; Atento’s ability to comply with the covenants contained in its debt instruments; the ability to secure additional funding; the birth of a significant additional debt overhang of Atento and its subsidiaries; and the ability of Atento’s lenders to honor their loan commitments. Atento is also subject to other risk factors described in documents filed by the Company with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. These forward-looking statements speak only as of the date on which the statements were made. Atento assumes no obligation to publicly update or revise forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

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